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1 jeanniel commented Permalink

Nice post. We now have a new certification exam for Worklight V6.0 application developers &amp; we are in the process of developing one for administrators, which will be available at the end of the month: <br /> (1) Test 000-278 IBM Worklight V6.0, Mobile Application Development - available now <br /> (2) Test 000-279, IBM Worklight V6.0 Mobile System Administration - in development - will GA 10/31/13

2 HishamAbdel-Hafez commented Permalink

Thanks Jeannie for your valuable addition. I will try to update the actual post with the news on Worklight 6.0 exam.

3 KevinAbongo commented Permalink

Hisham thanks for this valuable post; <br /> Do you know places where I can get sample exam questions - sometimes called dumps for 000-278 apart from the ones available on the certification site?

4 pankajkrverma commented Permalink

Hi Hisham, <div>&nbsp;</div> I am a phone gap developer. So can you tell me how much minimum time i need, to prepare and pass this exam(latest version 00-278). <div>&nbsp;</div> Windows phone 8,jquery mobile,dotnet services development are my skill sets. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Pankaj

5 HishamAbdel-Hafez commented Permalink

Hi Pankaj, <div>&nbsp;</div> Since you have phonegap skills I think you have a good understanding of hybrid mobile app development, and this will help a lot with the certification. You will need to build some skills on the product itself, understanding its components and how they play together. The Getting Started material is a great way to do that. In terms of preparation time my rough estimate would be from 3-4 weeks. You should try everything with your own hands, the exam greatly depends on practical experience. Best of luck with the exam.