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I know your blog entry isnt about the features of BlackBerry 10 Server platform, but I just wanted to expand on some of the additional Work features the platform provides: <br /> * Secure INTRANET access to your company network thru the work perimeter web browser. <br /> * BlackBerry 10 applications that are coded for the platform can be distributed via the BB 10 server to devices and are available in a 'Work' BlackBerry World store just for work applications. <br /> * Above applications can then access your corporate internet - and can connect to any sites or networks that your BlackBerry 10 server can connect to. <br /> * Full device management via a full BlackBerry device security profile ie ability to fully lock down and control device as well as deploy device configurations for vpn, wifi etc <br /> * Future secure access and work perimeter separation of ios and android devices (using the same diagram you have listed above) via the just announced BlackBerry Server 10.1 software.

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Greg - Thank you for adding this information, it looks like BlackBerry 10 is shaping up to be very interesting, especially for those organisations also looking at the BES 10 Server.

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A nice, simple overview of how it all fits together. Although, is the BlackBerry Protocol meant to be port 3101?

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Hi Scoot - Thanks for your comment... the BlackBerry server does use port 1301, if you wish to review the port / firewall requirements you should look at Article ID: KB03735 on the BlackBerry knowledge base &gt;&gt;;sliceId=2&amp;cmd=displayKC&amp;docType=kc&amp;noCount=true&amp;ViewedDocsListHelper=com.kanisa.apps.common.BaseViewedDocsListHelperImpl#