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Excellant post Sukhvinder Aujla. <div>&nbsp;</div> What about also: <br /> 6) Don't reinvent the wheel, build on top of the myriad of service's and open API's available. People already have established relationships with services like foursquare, facebook, twitter, g+ leverage that trust to create something truly unique &amp; don't bother trying to solve the problems that have already been solved. <br /> 7) Make it social. This links back to your helping users make informed choices. Whether your talking opinions, metrics, analytics, location, reviews, knowing what other people think is invaluable! It helps you get new ideas and enriches a users experience. <br /> 8) Design to solve a problem. Make sure there is a clear goal, how are you going to engage a user and to what end, how are you going to solve a problem they face. Which links back to making your purpose clear. If you know your going to solve a real problem then explaining the purpose becomes trivial.

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@madjase - Thanks for your comments. really appreciated. I think my list could have carried on but I decided 5 was enough (for now?). I agree with your additional points. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think "Don't reinvent the wheel" and "Design to solve a problem" and related links back to "Know your purpose". If you're solving a problem that has been solved before you need to add some additional value that wasn't in the original solution, otherwise it is good effort wasted. If you don't solve a problem for me then why would I invest. If it solves a problem that I didn't know I had, you've just invented a new market. <div>&nbsp;</div> "Make it social", as you say, links back to "Help me make an informed choice". I think social is definitely a part of that. I'd like to see it being more - eg using predicative insight, bigdata etc. <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Sukhvinder, I like your categories of approach to mobile devices. Relating to the 1st one, I think keeping the usability of the app simple and easy is important. It needs to be intuitive to use with good navigation around small screen estate. Engendering trust is so important, you do not want to scare people off of "big brother". Last year we were looking at some use cases of targeted marketing and financial transactions on mobiles for the telco and retail industry. Technically it is all doable, as you said, you can identify the location of the phone through "geo-fencing/geo-location" and you probably have lot info about the customer's preferences from loyalty cards etc, so you can target specific offers to a particular customer. The question is, are you then invading into too much into a customer's personal space. One thought was to enable the customer to explicitly opt-in or opt-out of receiving specific offers. That way you can also cut out spam. <div>&nbsp;</div> Overall, the whole mobile things is quite interesting and exciting as it becomes more pervasive. On a personal note, I am using myfitnesspal on iphone to keep track of daily calories intake and burnout. A great app if you want to loose weight, although it has not really helped me so far, not the fault of the app of course :-). This is an example of a great app, which is simple to use, free and has a great purpose.

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Hi Gurdeep. Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree that how you use the highly valuable real estate on the mobile device is a key consideration for a great user experience. It can not only speed the experience, but makes it more likely to be completed. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think the idea of having your personal space is great. I wonder if it various as does physical personal space between cultures? Being considerate (and open) is key and showing how you take advantage of the information provided by the customer to deliver value to that customer, I would think, make it a bit more acceptable to come into that personal space. <div>&nbsp;</div> I will have a look at the myfitnesspal app (if it is on android) - I could do with a bit of weight control.