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1 davidgw commented Permalink

Good article. Is there any dependency between the email address put on the CSR and the email address for the Apple ID? I would like to change the Apple ID for our MDM before we go live but can I use the original signed CSR and create a new Apple ID with a different email. We don't have any devices activated yet

2 Scott Symes commented Permalink

@davidgw, I will guess that it is probably technically possible to change the email address within a CSR after it has been signed; I would dive into command line syntax of the 'openssl' command to look into it. But I have personally never tried it. If it were me, I would find it quicker to re-create the CSR from scratch with the desired email address, especially since you say you have not actually utilized your signed certificate yet. It should only take a few minutes to re-create, and send it through the Apple Push Cert portal to have it signed. <br /> Thanks for reading!