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1 njoseph commented Permalink

Mohamed, thanks for your insights. It is very true that the initiatives being proposed for mobile enablement may in fact be "ahead" of the business strategy, especially if the traditional approach is to define a 3-5 year strategy and then roll out business and IT transformations to match. <div>&nbsp;</div> Good to hear your views. <div>&nbsp;</div> Neil.

2 CEA7_Sukhram_Pal commented Permalink

Agree with you on the point that we need to focus on the delivering the data, not on the business strategy. However i do not see any major shift in the EA practices due to mobile, we consider mobile as another channel to deliver the information to our customer. In fact, mobile increase the criticality of service, product and record keeping teir to meet the challenges related to the performance and properly align business capabilities. I consider mobile is another channel, and not really a major shift in the EA practices. <br /> Thanks <br /> Sukhram