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1 mhhaque commented Permalink

Dear All,

One of our customer ..currently use this solution for their production database
Through, Red Hat will not provide any support. Customer use this solution under GPL license with Self-Support.
Let see. how how long it will work

2 tomkiat commented Permalink

Hi Munshi,

Did you enquire if there is support from Oracle if you were to deploy RAC on top of your solution ? I did not see a section on your failover testing for each service i.e. IP and SAN.. And what industry was your production customer in ?
My customer is in warehousing.
You done great work all in i say.

3 mhhaque commented Permalink

Hi Tom,

I didn't enquire the support from Oracle.
As of now, Only oracle client are available on PowerLinux.
ORACLE RAC has their own Cluster Infrastructure software called clusterware (Oracle 9, 10 & 11 R 1) or Grid Infrastructure (11R2).
IP & SAN (File System) are part of Resource Group (SRV). I have assigned all those thing under SRV Resource Group.. & I have tested to move the Resource Group (SRV) from one node to another node.. it's working fine.
Thanks for your query.

4 GH0M_Salisa_Poomwongwiwat commented Permalink

Hi Munshi,
We want to try this solution too.
Our environment is IBM PowerS822L and redhat 7.1.
How can we find add-on package to install on our environment?


5 mhhaque commented Permalink

Dear Salisa,

Download all the source RPM (including the dependency rpm) from the below site for RHEL 7.1, compile it under IBM Power Hardware.
After that, Install & configure the two node Red Hat Cluster on Power.

6 C8EV_Claudio_Rodrigues_Muniz commented Permalink

Hi Could you share your binaries or inform where I can get right sources and right directions to compile?