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1 Rob Nicholson commented Permalink

Hi Maya, <div>&nbsp;</div> I am using messagesight for developers latest version which is version When I get to the step "Add a Queue Manager Connection" above, the dialogue box looks like the one you show except that there is an extra button "Test Connection" between "Save" and "Cancel". <div>&nbsp;</div> When I try to test the connection, the test fails with error CWLNA0315 but this error does not give any further details. <br /> I looked in the logs but there is no interesting information in there. <div>&nbsp;</div> To attempt to debug this I monitored the connection using wireshark. I see messagesight make a successful TCP connection and send a MQ (INITIAL_DATA) packet. <br /> My MQ QManager which is MQA for developers version 7.5 replies with an INITIAL_DATA packet with the error flags set to "Invalid Heartbeat interval" and Invalid Message size. <div>&nbsp;</div> Question - Is this facility to "test the connection" supposed to work if I were to use it in the scenario you describe here or am I doing something dumb? Thanks.

2 Rob Nicholson commented Permalink

I figured out what the problem is. This article is written assuming that the MQ Queue Manager is running on windows. The server connection channel is set up with MCAUSER(MUSR_MQADMIN) . This may work well on windows where there is a predefined user MUSR_MQADMIN which has permissions defined. In my case I was running the queue manager on Linux so I was seeing permissions problems. I resolved the problem by following the steps in the messagesight documentation to set up security for the channel and give the userid I was using permissions to access all of the correct MQ objects.

3 Maya_Anilson commented Permalink

Hi Rob, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, in this example I am using a windows queue manager. I have added the below line for further clarification <div>&nbsp;</div> "The MCA user 'MUSR_MQADMIN' used in this example is defined on windows platform when MQ is installed and this userid is a member of the 'mqm' group which has all the authorities required to administer MQ. " <div>&nbsp;</div> On other platforms, the MCAuser needs to be configured with a userid that has necessary permission's that is required to access the queue manager object. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, Maya