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1 SamiRiti commented Permalink

Hi Neeraj, <div>&nbsp;</div> Another useful blog post. Thanks. <div>&nbsp;</div> I tried to extend this and see if the sessions bean can 'auto-reconnect' to a Multi-Instance queue manager in a fail-over scenario. I just added a for loop in the session bean and sent 5000 messages to a Queue. Failed-over the queue manager while the session bean is writing the messages out, after 2000 messages are sent. The session bean threw errors, JMS Connection Factory threw errors because the primary queue manager is no longer available and the remaining 3000 messages that were supposed to be sent from the session bean were not sent. <br /> Session Bean did not auto-reconect. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you please try this on your side, either for a seperate blog entry or as addition to your MDB - Multi-Instance blog entry? Or if you have any suggestions on what I could try then please let me know. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <br /> Raghu <br />

2 neekrish commented Permalink

Hi Raghu, <br /> Thanks a lot for the comments.. And you have a good question... <br /> The transaction manager in WAS needs to do some some rollbacks on multiple resources hence it disallows auto-reconnect of the WMQ JMS client. But I see that the connection name list is still used if the session bean can catch that JMSException and attempts a reconnect. If used outside of WAS process or application server environment, ie, in a normal J2SE client, auto-reconnect works as there is no external transaction manager involved. <br /> Disclaimer: Each posting on this site is the view of its author and does not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.I do not guarantee correctness of the opinions or content or sample code presented here. Use it at your own risk.

3 SamiRiti commented Permalink

Thanks for your quick response Neeraj. And I agree with you on the behavior. Stand alone JMS clients are auot-reconnecting to the queue managers. I'm trying to find how to replicate the same in WAS. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there a way to 'tell' the WASTransaction Manager to enable 'auto-reconnect' ? <br /> Or, are there any alternatives you can think of for WAS 7? <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <br /> Raghu <br />

4 neekrish commented Permalink

The only way I know is to do it in the application ... catch the JMS exception and connect again