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1 jocke4u commented Permalink

We have used "Message Service Clients for .Net" a.k.a. XMS.NET for many years and I cannot recommend that to anybody. <br /> We have had so many bugs and PMR's handled. Nowadays we have implemented our own API on top of "MQ Classes for .Net"....a lot better. <div>&nbsp;</div> // Joacim <br />

2 mandar commented Permalink <div>&nbsp;</div> I see many complaints around the web that the MQ documentation does not do a good job re: .net sample code (base classes). <div>&nbsp;</div> There is sample .net code for simple get and put, but there is no sample code and documentation from IBM that illustrates the use of .net Microsoft workflows, threads and transactions with DTC. We would like something that illustrates this. <div>&nbsp;</div> The IBM sample code can be a Microsoft workflow managing the parent transaction managed by MS DTC, with one component/task threads managing the get off MQ as child transactions and another component/task threads managing the insert/updates into a SQL database as another set of child transactions. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have seen many people on the web request this and we need something from IBM than can help all .net developers out there. We also have PMR 47075, 7TD, 000 open because of these challenges and L3 suggested we send feedback on the documentation page to get a sample included into the documentation. I've done so but haven't heard back yet - and I'm sending in the feed back here as well. <div>&nbsp;</div> Other relevant links: <div>&nbsp;</div> DTC supported by MQ (but no sample code): <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Windows workflow: <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Please urgently consider this request.. <div>&nbsp;</div> - Mandar <br /> mandar at techblanket dot com