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The linux link above goes to a 64 bit version of the install. There is a 32 bit version available so why dont you have a link for that as well?

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Hi, this is a really exciting development Thanks! <div>&nbsp;</div> Can I suggest that you include a list of supported platforms. I'm trying to install onto 32 bit ubuntu - which is probably the most popular linux for developers to be using...Is it supported? <div>&nbsp;</div> I dont seem to see any install instructions in the package. I would expect to find install instructions in any package intended for developers. Ideally, also with a script which does the install. <div>&nbsp;</div> Using the power of google I eventually found a 32 bit linux install package and some install instructions for ubuntu here:

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I suggest you also add a getting started link here, perhaps to some tutorials etc.

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Since there was no 32 bit linux here I actually downloaded it from this page: <div>&nbsp;</div> Interestingly, this page talks about a single user license for development purposes but the download link actually downloads an _evaluation_ copy of MQ which is licensed for only 90 days. This is confusing.

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Hey there Rob, thanks for taking the time to comment on the blog post, it's really great to get feedback! <div>&nbsp;</div> I've updated the post with links to the WebSphere MQ 'Getting Started' guide, and also provided links to the IBM Messaging Media You Tube channel - (tutorials) and our podcasts on iTunes. <div>&nbsp;</div> The difference between the versions you downloaded, is that the initial 64bit version is the free, WebSphere MQ for Developers edition - which does not come with support. The trail you downloaded (found toward the end of the blog entry) is the WebSphere MQ for Developers edition that comes with support and is available to buy priced per Single User Install. <div>&nbsp;</div> Hope that helps!

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Excellent Jon, thanks. <div>&nbsp;</div> The system requirements document that you now link to shows a bunch of platforms, not just the 2 you have here. Where are the images for the other platforms or is this initiative limited to windows and 64 bit linux? As I said before, I am using 32 bit Ubuntu under vmware. I think this is a common (the most common?) linux development platform so I was surprised you don't provide an image for it. <div>&nbsp;</div> Since this is a new initiative, it seems to me that if you provide all the images then you'll be able to monitor them to see which is most popular. You might find a different set of platforms used for development versus production.

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Can we use this software on production server to send and receive messages