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1 Michael@MQSystems commented Permalink

on windows 7 using a different user with amqscnxc for example mqm with proper password gives 2035 on the server side the logon userid is passed to the mqserver as Userid Identifier, the -u userid is passed as the Csp User Identifier. <div>&nbsp;</div> Not Authorized [2035] <br /> Event Type : Queue Manager <br /> Queue Manager Name : QMXXX01 <br /> Reason Qualifier : Conn Not Authorized [1] <br /> User Identifier : michael <br /> Csp User Identifier : mqm <br /> Appl Type : Windows Nt <br /> Appl Name : c\Samples\Bin64\amqscnxc.exe <div>&nbsp;</div> on Linux this works properly and the mqm user (with password) gets access as expected.

2 Morag Hughson commented Permalink

Hi Michael, <div>&nbsp;</div> What error message did the error log show? Was the 2035 telling you the password was wrong or something else? It may have been telling you that the user you are running with (so did you have ADOPTCTX(YES or NO)?) doesn't have +connect authority. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers <br /> Morag