MQ support for MQ Light (Beta) now available


Today we've released a beta version of MQ's support for the MQ Light API. The beta function allows you to deploy applications that your developers have written using MQ Light, against an existing MQ network.


The beta requires that you already have an MQ 8 fixpack 2 installation. You can download the fixpack here.


If you haven't already heard about MQ Light you can learn about it on the MQ Light web page hereimage

or in the MQ Light for Bluemix documentation pages here:

In the technology demonstrated by the beta you can take those apps your developers have written and deploy them into an existing MQ network along side your other MQ applications. We're focussed on unleashing developers to help them create innovative applications using the programming languages they prefer. They can rapidly develop and test using the no cost developer license of MQ light or the MQ Light Service in Bluemix, and then if they choose they can run them against an MQ infrastructure. Currently we have published MQ Light language bindings for JavaScript/Node.js, and early-release bindings for Java, Ruby and Python. Other language bindings are available in the open source Apache Qpid Proton™ project for other runtimes including PHP, Perl, C and C++.


Our intent is to deliver iterative updates to this beta to demonstrate new function as and when it is developed. We have a lot of things on the development backlog but we want to hear what you think we should be working on next. What works well about the beta? What doesn't?


Using the beta


The beta consists of a download (available for Windows and Linux) which can be applied to an existing MQ 8 fixpack 2 queue manager. The queue manager must be at V8 fixpack 2 because fixpack 2 includes some changes that the MQ Light feature requires. You must also upgrade your queue manager to command level 801, which you can do by issuing the strmqm -e CMDLEVEL=801 command.


Note: Upgrading the command level of a queue manager is irreversible, and as with any beta function we strongly recommend that you only use the beta with queue managers in your development environment.


Once you have upgraded the queue manager to command level 801 and installed the beta you will have a new channel type available in your queue manager. The channel type is called AMQP, which reflects the fact that underpinning the MQ Light API is the AMQP 1.0 protocol. If you'd like to try out the beta select the download below for your platform:




Your feedback on the beta is very important and can help us shape the technology so please use any of the following means to talk to us about MQ's support for MQ Light:

or contact any of us directly: