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1 DY02_Paul_Smeaton-Russell commented Permalink

Mario, hi - I adapted the code examples in the RDF Sample tutorial to run your code with a turtle file of sample data. I get exceptions at the file read stage. I tried a very simple turtle file from the wikipedia article - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtle_%28syntax%29 and that also failed to load. Here is the line which throws a null pointer exception
partyDbP.read(FileManager.get().open(inputFileName), schema, Lang.guess(inputFileName).name());

Could you share your sample turtle file please, so that developers can test the concept. Any other comments you have would be appreciated.
thank you, Paul Smeaton-Russell

2 Mario Briggs commented Permalink

i hadnt turned on devworks to notify me by email when comments come in. I just did it now . I added a URL to a sample ttl file at the end of the blog entry

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