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1 localhost commented Trackback

The labs were amazingly fantastic this year. Sorry I didn't get to podcast you and your team. But, I think it was a great thing - every time I went into the lab, it was packed. :-)

2 localhost commented Trackback

Well it was a great Lotusphere and I'm holding you to your word of updating the personas with a "Samantha" based in Europe using the metric system and A4 as paper format... :-)

3 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, it was a great experience to be at Lotusphere. I enjoyed your session about the Notes 8 UI.

One question though... Matt demonstrated a "CSS Inspector" plugin. Do you know if this is available for download anywhere?

4 localhost commented Permalink

It was definetly another great Lotusphere. I am looking forward to the next one. Quick question though, where would I find some Lotusphere2008 desktop wallpaper? Thanks for keeping connected!

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