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1 localhost commented Trackback

Let me keep summarizing content from the Lotus Connections Partner Summit I am sitting at and if Connections is ready will become more apparent

2 localhost commented Trackback

We have allready deployed Quickr and it begins slowly to be part of the daily business. For Connections our company is to small.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Connections is an innovative product, with a lot of business value and no real competition in the market. Activities alone is a new collaboration paradigm with the potential to revolutionize the way people manage and coordinate their individual work, as well as their work in teams. In combination with the other Connections modules, it makes a unique social software platform for the enterprise.Connections offers great functionality and is astoundingly mature, given the fact that it is an initial release. Nevertheless, it also has some shortcomings. Activities for example is designed to be the premier single point of access to all information and tasks. The fact that it is somewhat isolated from Notes, the other premier source of information and tasks, is an issue.Deploying Connections to the Notes personae will effectively expose the existing shortcomings. I am thinking of a full featured Expeditor based Rich Client UI for Activities (the sidebar is a good start though). Offline functionality. Profiles must be integrated in Notes Contacts, Dogear needs to be integrated with Notes Bookmarks. Tasks need to be connected to Activities. Planning of Activities needs to be connected to the Notes calendar, Sametime needs to be integrated in Connections and so forth.I think it's extremely important to find out the Notes persona's needs with respect to enterprise social software. In my opinion, you must use the same personae to further develop the other collaborative products in the Lotus portfolio.

4 localhost commented Trackback

I'll run my usual i18n (internationalization) comment and say that I think you should make sure that at least one of the personas selected is from outside the US, speaks another language as his/her mother tounge, uses the metric system and use A4 for printing. That' all! ;-)

5 localhost commented Permalink

Quickr should be the priority, specially considering the upcoming Quickr Personal Edition and its entitlement. Regarding the personas, if the target is to reproduce their experience using Quickr/Connections in the context of Notes/Sametime, yes, you should keep them and perhaps add a few more (I support Mikkel comments on having a persona from outside US).

6 localhost commented Permalink

As long as Samantha is around, I'm happy :-)


7 localhost commented Trackback

waht about a mixed team. We need both: the integration with Lotus Notes and the best desing for standalone use. I kown that this is not easy but this is the challange

8 localhost commented Trackback

"Will you be deploying Lotus Connections or Lotus Quickr to the same people that are getting Lotus Notes and Sametime?"

If we deploy it then yes it will be to the same people.We have a mixture of in-office and remote any one of whom might be called on to travel to some remote part of the world.For short trips the travelling people tend to rely almost exclusively on their blackberries while abroad. Ways to improve their experience would be good.
The remote users are spread out all over Europe, all use laptops with Notes installed to replicate mail and other data to the local PC and connect to our network in a variety of ways. These are generally non-technical sales people, the kind of person who knows how to prepare a simple spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation, might have heard of things like Facebook but never got into it.

9 localhost commented Permalink

I think you need yet another persona... "Bubba" eller "Bobby Sue". Many of our users here fall in that category. Here is a specification:* Unwilling to learn new technology or new things.* Can be told/shown several times how to do something, just to forget it in 10 minutes.* Saying "I don't want to know how it works, I just want you to fix it".* May be good at what they do for work in the office, but can not be told how to use the tools.* Don't read instructions, ignore them if mailed.* Frequently complaining about "the system" when it is end-user errors, that they been told several times before.* Not receiving any organized training, they get to sit for a day or two with someone that been working for anything between 3 months and up, being told by that person how to operate the system (Notes, it's databases/applications, mail, etc), frequently being told the wrong thing, since the "trainer" picked up bad habits along the way, and/or was not fully trained either.* Management that does not believe in training, or upgrading to later version of software.


10 localhost commented Trackback

I'll run my usual i18n (internationalization) comment and say that I think you should make sure that at least one of the personas selected is from outside the US, speaks another language as his/her mother tounge, uses the metric system and use A4 for printing.

11 localhost commented Permalink

It looks like my comment has been ... err ... deleted? Anyway, I think this will summarize it very well: Mary Beth and her team need to make Quickr usable first, before Samantha can work with it. See: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/quickplace.nsf/0/272bc103207d70d68525731f000025e4

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