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1 localhost commented Permalink

I would like to team up with Deb Maurer :-) I promise to keep my list of requests to less than..... LOL Seriously, I will team up with anyone that will take me.

2 localhost commented Trackback

OK then, I'm in and I could do with the exercise. I'm easy on who to buddy up with :)

3 localhost commented Permalink

Ok then! we have at least 2,Jim you and DebPaul, you and I!However, I need yoru email addresses to register (doh!) please send them to me at mraven@us.ibm.com

4 localhost commented Permalink

Paul--one more thing... I'm really bummed that the boats are no longer pedal boats. Cause if so, we'd WIN!!I understand you are the proud owner of an awesome new bike... so your legs are probably in shape... but that's nothin' . I HAVE A RECUMBENT!Perfect training for pedalboats. Sigh. If only we had teamed up last year.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Tuesday at 13:05Jim and Deb are registeredMary Beth and Paul are registered.I went ahead and registered a few more slots as well with Sheri, Maro and John as placeholders in the 13:05 heat-- so volunteer quickly!

6 localhost commented Trackback

I'm in with John - I could think of a few outstanding calendar issues :)

Can we get Monday or Wednesday at 1:05, I can't make it on Tuesday.

7 localhost commented Permalink

OK, I singed John Lance and Mitch Cohen up from Monday at 1:05. Mitch, I think you are just chicken to race against me :)I will " un-sign" John up for tuesday at 1:05

8 localhost commented Trackback

Mary Beth - I know when I am out of my league :) Thanks

9 localhost commented Trackback

This would be much more interesting to me if we could MODIFY or design our own version of peddle powered boats.

Personally because I am by nature a sprinter, and because as a firefighter I'm much more used to short bursts of tremendous effort, I would opt for an extremely high gear ratio (1 very hard push turns the crank many times) combined with a great big flywheel. Carrying the extra weight of the flywheel would be well worth it.

10 localhost commented Permalink

Mary Beth if Margo hasn't already got someone with "sea legs" I would love to tem up with her - 5 minutes in a boat with the person responsible for my favorite application (journal) is a life's dream :-)

11 localhost commented Trackback

Oh, I think I gotta team up with Sheri and find out about all the stuff that ended up in the garbage can. ;-)

12 localhost commented Permalink

Doh! It's not final yet, we still have no partner for Jodi!

13 localhost commented Permalink

I'll team up with Jodi if the position is still available.

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