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1 localhost commented Trackback

Alright, my first question is why this command isn't issued automatically when I do a "Lock Notes ID." Because you want to open the correct windows back up? So retain a list of what windows WERE open when I elected to CLOSE ALL.

It closes sidebars and productivity apps windows, but it doesn't close open chat windows. Yuck. Either Sametime is an integrated part of the interface, or it's an add-on, but it's one or the other.

2 localhost commented Trackback

It does exactly the same thing that manually closing all the tabs does. That is exactly what I would expect it to do.

I wouldn't expect it to close open chat windows, by the way. If those chat windows were INSIDE of the Notes client, as a tab, then I WOULD expect that.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Doesn't seem all that logical to me to have it close the sidebar. Applicatiosn can be opened from the file menu and new documents can be created from the file menu, but side bar apps can't be opened from the file menu. So why can you close all three from the file menu?

Also, if you want to close all of your tabs, but you don't want your side bars to go away and have to, how would you go about it? With Firefox's tabs, you can right click on one and choose 'close all other tabs,' but there is no similar option in Notes that I know of other than this one. Since I imagine it's more common for someone to want to close all the tabs but leave their sidebar alone, I would think this option should leave the sidebar alone. If you want to hide the sidebar, there's another menu item for that.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Why doesnt the side bar stay open when yu close all the tabs?

5 localhost commented Trackback

@Rob - Of what use is this function except to get rid of screen display of everything you're working on? Similar to how we use F5 in Notes 7? Why would I want to Close All in the first place instead of just shutting down? Because I like the graphic that it leaves? The only utility here I can imagine is because I don't want to expose any Notes or Notes-related activity ('cause it close prod editor windows -- which John and I were told couldn't be done, by the way) to anyone looking at my screen. And that would include chat sessions, if in fact Sametime is an integrated app.

As far as sidebar vs. no sidebar -- it's simply a question of what the sidebar is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be part of the application space, or is it supposed to be part of the menu structure? If it's part of the application space (personally I think it is) then close it. If it's part of the menu structure (like the Open menu is) then leave it. But pick one or the other paradigm and stick with it.

6 localhost commented Trackback

Surprised that it closed the sidebar. It would be better leaving it open.

7 localhost commented Trackback

@Nathan - I use 'close all' when I end up with 15,000 tabs open and I want to start again (without restarting the client). Not like F5, not like closing Notes.

So, in this case I'd expect all the tabs to close, but not the sidebar or other chat windows, as I consider those part of 'Notes' not any particular application. Possibly wrong, but that's how I see it because they function accross apps, and how I'd imagine Samantha will see it.
Trying this a couple of times is definatly confusing though. 'Close All' closes everything. Then I replicate as I close down notes - and the sidebar comes back again! Surely if I tell it to close (with everything else) it shouldn't just reappear on it's own?

8 localhost commented Trackback

I would also vote that it leaves the sidebar unchanged.Otherwise it can be a useful function for many users, who tend to open tabs by dozens. (And there are many of them :-)

However what i still can't get used to is that you can close ALL tabs and are left with a totally blank screen (with a tiny IBM logo). What good is this for ? I would still prefer like in all previous versions that when closing "everything", i would end at my homepage. (and even better my good old desktop :-)) This is where all the links for my applications are organized. Please make this an option in the preferences. (And allow me to set the desktop as my homepage.)

9 localhost commented Trackback

@Nathan Ah, if you're asking why it exists, I can't help. Though Warren has a good scenario. I was just interested in whether or not the decision to close the sidebar made sense. I concluded that it did, but the frame of reference for my decision was that the menu option did exactly the same thing as manually closing all the tabs. If the sidebar goes away when you close the last tab (again, leaving the question aside about why you would ever do this), it should also go away when you choose "close all" from the menu.

I don't consider "close all" to be a replacement for F5, but if that was its INTENT I would feel differently about the chat windows.
The more fundamental question, as you mentioned, is whether the sidebar is in the application space or the menu (like Open and Search) space. And I agree that it should be in the application space.
Aside: to me, the one that looks out of place is Search; when you DO close everything you can it's just sort of hanging around there in the top right corner looking like somebody forgot about it.

10 localhost commented Permalink

The search context can be google, yahoo, etc., it does not have to be related to an open Notes window / tab, so I think it is valid that it remains accessible even if all other windows are closed.


11 localhost commented Trackback

@@Rob: I know it *works* that way. It just *looks* out of place. Visually. It looks weird. I'm just sayin'...

PS Um, "@Rob" looks a bit weird, too, in a name field...

12 localhost commented Trackback

Well, just the empty workplace looks sad as it closes Home page as well. I'll prefer to leave the Home page open as I should have some useful links there which I want to quickly get.

13 localhost commented Permalink

I half-expected the sidebar to stay there and for all tabs to close.

Don't know what the best option is though. I like the idea of bringing the client back to a clean-slate state but this feels too far. Perhaps the homepage and sidebar should be left open.

14 localhost commented Permalink

Treating it like the F5 button makes sense but you would need to have a restore function as well.

15 localhost commented Permalink

My 2 pence worth...

Mebe the issue here is not what it does, but how the menu option has been labelled, if it was clearer what it did, the question wouldn't come up..

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