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1 localhost commented Permalink

One thing which I haven't found out from IBM is whether the productivity tools will be able to read/write directly to a Notes database - just like AmiPro. If that isn't on the feature list, please please please add it :-)

2 localhost commented Permalink

Do you mean what we call "round trip editing" where "Samantha" double-clicks on an attachment in a Notes db to edit it, does the editing, and saves the file and the file gets saved back to the database?

3 localhost commented Permalink

No, round trip editing is nice, but it means that the document already existed in the db e.g. someone mailed it to you.

What I am talking about is being able to open up the equivalen t of Word, create a new document and when I come to save it, being able to select an e.g. Notes document library and save the document directly into a new Note.
The benefit being that my document store is a fully replicable database and I don't have to touch the file system at all.
This is how it works in Amipro, and how it used to work in the DNFS (sadly missed). The IBM tools really need to be able to 'talk Notes', as that would be so useful.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Andy, I forwarded your question to the dev team, since I am not sure of the answer.

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