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1 localhost commented Permalink

Yeah, I'm first! I've demoed this feature, but I've never really used it in my own day to day work. It seems to be more of a throw back to the old days before HTML mail where we can use colours and different fonts.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I have never even noticed that menu option before. It looks like the Internet Reply function, but works on any selected text in edit mode. You can get rid of it :)

3 localhost commented Permalink

First welcome to the blogosphere!Secondly I never have used the quote selection feature.Bruce ElgortBlog: http://www.bruceelgort.comThe Taking Notes Podcast: http://takingnotes.openntf.orgOpenNTF: http://www.openntf.org

4 localhost commented Permalink

Welcome!I'm another user who never knew that option was there. It seems kind of nifty but, honestly, I could live without it. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you dropped it.Thanks for asking :-)Jim AndertonBlog: http://withat.com

5 localhost commented Permalink

It's of no use here. I removed the Internet-style replies upon user request because nobody used them.

6 localhost commented Permalink

First I'd heard of that menu option/feature, so currently the answer is Never. I could see using it occasionally (now that I know about and how to use it) but if you get rid of it, I won't miss it. Welcome to the blogosphere and thanks seeking the feedback!- jerry

7 localhost commented Permalink

Don't remove this function!!!!!!!!!!I use this function everyday.

8 localhost commented Permalink

trash it!

9 localhost commented Permalink

"Reply Internet Style" function doesn't copy Mail header information.So I use this function when I need mail header with internet style.Never remove!!!!

10 localhost commented Permalink

Never new it was there... would not miss it...

11 localhost commented Permalink

that's what I like about this job - not a day goes by where I don't learn something new. I had never used it but have manually quoted once or twice. Perhaps this could be in the paragraph styles property box (with a unquote function while you are at it).

12 localhost commented Permalink

First, really glad to see you join the blog-o-sphere. I look forward to your perspectives and providing feedback in a less formal way.Second, Edit\Quote what? Wasn't aware it was there. Don't see much value. Feel free to set it free.

13 localhost commented Permalink

I have never used this function and cannot think of many ocasions when I would use it.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I never knew the option was there. Just tested it and I can't think of anytime I would use ever use it.

15 localhost commented Permalink

I never heard of this feature before. I'm satisfied with the reply in internet style feature of the mail template, so IMHO you can drop the feature.

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