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Dealing with different time-zones is difficult enough, PLEASE do not offset them and keep them aligned.

While I personally use this feature, only about 20% of the end users I work with (in a consulting or educational capacity) even know about this option. IMO, this is due to most end-users never receiving proper training on Notes.

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I routinely deal with 4 time zones (one of which is a half-hour offset zone), and often deal with as many as 6, but this is mainly when scheduling appointments, not viewing. When traveling I do like to view my calendar in two time zones (the one I'm in, and the one I live in), but I can't say I've ever felt the need to view it in more than two.

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We as company deal with multiple time zones, but I'm quite sure that most of people do not look in notes calendar for that -- they either do the math on paper or use some 3rd party tool (e.g. ZoneTick).And I myself like the option B more. Probably because it looks less cluttered.

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I prefer the aligned times rather than the staggered ones

but I'd have to say that probably only 2 people in the place are even aware of this feature.

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I like option B better, less cluttered.Timezones pose an interesting challenge when planning. There are two different use cases:a) I plan activities with members of different time zones.b) I'm planning my activities when going to a different time zone.

a) is quite well covered in Notes, with sufficient attention by your team to improve it.
b) is a trickier problem. Let's say I travel to Europe (that is -7h from here). When I plan I do things like: let us meet 10am in Frankfurt (5pm in SG), 5pm in London (1am+1d in SG). "Of course" in my calendar I want to see that period in my perceived time 10am/5pm (since I will be there) rather than 5pm/1am. So I would need a mechanism to either switch very fast or to preset "show this period in a different time zone". Of course this has a long tail of implication (like how to distinguish from the normal display --- a color frame/background, a color bar on top with the timezone etc.)Eventually the solution is to make Notes location aware: let users select the base location/timezone a little like Sametime... but with some kind of selection option.My 2c:-) stw

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Option B appears much more readable to me. I regularly deal with people in 5 time zones that are in the same meeting.

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Having just lived through the North American DST change, I've made a decision. If I'm an imperialist American, then I might as well make changes that at least benefit me.

Shortly, I will be invading the rest of the world and doing the following to improve things:
* Require everyone to follow DST (no opt-outs);* Divide the world into 24 segments based on evenly spaced longitude meridans and align all the timezones with these,* Name the timezones after members of my extended family (yes, Niyazov gave me the idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niyazov)
Until that happens, I'd vote for B - it's conveys (to me), the clearest at-a-glance info.

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>> * Require everyone to follow DST (no opt-outs);

Are you listening, Arizona????

10 localhost commented Permalink

I used to work in a company where I had to frequently deal with 4 different time-zones, stretching between UK and Australia. So yes more than 2 time-zones please.

Example B looks best.
As regards the time-zone columns....
I would place the users 'home/current' time-zone column directly to the left of the time-slots as suggested....
To the left of that I'd have columns for those time-slots East of me (ie behind in time), and I would have the columns for those time-zones West of me (ie ahead in time) to the right of the time-slots.
So for me in the UK it would look-like;
NY London Paris HK
whereas for a colleague in Paris would have;
NY London Paris HK
Just a thought... ;O)

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I'd love the support for multiple timezones. Not that I ever use more than two at a time, but I can think of several people wanting to have at least 3 or 4 timezones for scheduling of meetings for worldwide projects.

Furthmore, I'd like to have an option to extend the GMT+/-offset to also have CET, PST, ... when dealing with dates and timezones.

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I would just like to be able to find it in Notes 8 period.... where has the 2 timezone display dissappeared to ?

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