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Hi MB,

Just thinking out loud, but if I were to suggest to an Outlook user that they might want to register with a view to becoming an early Beta tester of Hannover, how would they get access to a Domino server? Is there an external server being provided? How will accounts be created?
Testing Hannover when you have only got Outlook/Exchange is going to be a challenge. You really need access to the Domino Server for so much of the functionality (though not the productivity tools of course).

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I really missed the OS/2 version... eComStation and Innotek was working in "translating the windows version to a native OS/2 version...at last, is just a comment... i miss the OS/2 version

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MB Not the right context for this qn but Ed Brill was in sydney this week and unable to answer so thought I would post you and ask:

Will Hannover better support multiple montiors - especially the properties window... or is the properties window no longer a concern since it becomes a "pane" on the right as per the office productivity stuff...
Many of us developers live in multi-monitor environments.Keep up the good work

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Hi Mary Beth,

As Luc just mentioned.... please make support for multi-monitor and drag'n'drop of windows between multiple monitors!
I can't see the "Thunderbird" email client from Mozilla in the registration page.... that MUST be an error, right? ;-)

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I agree.

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Glad that the ability to add comments is back! Regarding multiple monitors, I do know that several of you have asked for better support. We are trying to pay more attention to that-- we have more and more developers here who use multiple monitors.

My general recollection was that this went into the bucket of things that we'd like to get to, but are not ship-stoppers.
@Ports-- the user woudl register to be a usability tester and participate in usability tests only, as in, remote testing where they join a sametime meeting and "Drive" the new user interface, or they come to our lab. So it's a short term thing. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

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Hmmm, I want to get my hands on product rather than have some kind of orchestrated "demo". I have always found that you don't know what you have until you actually use it in anger. I am an extreme power user of Notes with up to 6 or 7 clients (differing versions) running simulatneously. So much so that the only Mobile synch software I can run is mNotes (which is configurable enough for my needs). In that environment, I need to know how Hanonver is going to run.

I have a very large block of Outlook users (or more correctly the owners of the system), to convince that Notes/Domino is the way to go.
To be brutally honest, I'm not even sure I want to and very little about the infrastructure/workings of Hannover are making a big case for my expending any effort or credibility in that fight.
To be honest, much of the rhetoric from the other side of the fence is about "perception" and someone has got to change my "perception" of this product before I can change theirs.
I understand that IBM does not like my personal brand of destructive criticism (something I have tried to reign in here), however that is nothing compared to satisfied MS product users and the comments I have to deal with re Notes.
Just a little feedback from my painful position.

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Hi NeilT,

I agree. I look forward to trying the product ..in anger(grin). If it works as great as Sametime 7.5 does (nice functionality/GUI) then things will be great. Hopefully it will satisfy all those "I hate Notes" users. I was listening to the Talking Notes podcast last week where they mentioned a similar user experience of such users...why does Notes get such a reaction? Where as mainstream apps such as IE, Firefox don't (as much).
I guess since 98% of users spend their time in email. As an email client, I don't believe Notes has done a good enough job over the years compared to other products. I mean, just look at how there is no decent Undo after 7 major versions.
I love the workflow/groupware stuff, don't get me wrong, but it's inherently an email client at it's core. IBM should really throw in a lot more supported groupware apps as well in Notes 8...make them look cool, link them to the client (in an easy, wizard type of way)...ie. staff location database, room booking, customer tracking discussion databases....
Anyway, after letting off some steam, I hope Notes 8 is fantastic ...fingers crossed!

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@Peter Wilson

I completely agree. IBM has for far too long ignored the email and C&S usability and reliability issues with their product.
Notes is E-Mail FIRST for millions of people. People go in and out of various applications all day, but E-Mail is open all the time.
We're still dealing with hideous RRDB bugs, HTML rendering issues, poor Undo, Klunky interface, corruptions in desktop files - after 7 major releases of the product. Outlook/Exchange started way behind the curve and has now passed this product up in the market.
That's being asleep at the wheel, and I see this major redesign of the client as being IBM's last real chance at getting it right.
And they need to start with the basics.
Please Mary Beth. ROCK SOLID basics must be Job #1. Putting lipstick on a pig makes no one happy in the long run, not even the pig.

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Just an idea. Could the To: field in Notes have a persons name be displayed as you type it in with a hovering window...much like Sametime 7.5 (Type to find name) box and....Outlook.


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@Charles - public beta means public, just like 6.5 and 7 public betas. With the appropreate beta database and all that jazz we got from previous open betas. That is what I have heard from IBMers over and over the past couple of weeks. The Design Partner and Managed betas are the ones where they invite people and IBM works directly with those users/companies.

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Mary Beth,

We are a dual mail system organization. Management currently can't make a decision on which system to choose (Outlook/Exchange OR Notes/Domino).They are planning an end user test with 10 Notes/Domino users moving to Outlook/Exchange and 10 Outlook/Exchange users moving to Notes/Domino.
Would that fit your requirements for business end-users using Outlook ? If yes, drop me a note (youv' got my e-mail address already).
I look forward to beta test (and I hope many of the usability suggestions I made are included...)

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