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1 localhost commented Permalink


2 localhost commented Permalink

Beautiful !

Well done !

3 localhost commented Trackback

They look much better. May I suggest centering them so they don't right align with other icons in the New dropdown?

4 localhost commented Permalink

really nice - I would also rather the icons are centered :o)

5 localhost commented Trackback

Yes, better. Now we don't have to look close. Yes the icons for Designer and Admin look so similar you cannot just glance and click like in the past.

I think it is the fact the builders square (green triangle) is out of the Design icon. I look forward to seeing those, too.

6 localhost commented Permalink


Please center the icons.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Good, I really wasn't keen on the gold blobs. I liked the coloured icons in the Notes 8 beta, but these new ones are better.

8 localhost commented Trackback

Good news. Since you're in this depertment, what about redesigning this "New" button with the down arrow in Notes?

@Bruce : Do we really have to mention this team to get thoses icons centered? With the example Mary show us I realize that we better do. So sad!

9 jacknews commented Permalink

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