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Blech. More fodder for people who point to some other system and go "see.... it just WORKS."

This is another question to ask a user that he/she has no understanding of. What is so difficult about...
"Your Lotus Notes administrator has made you a "roaming user" so that you can get all of your Notes data on different computers. Details on this computer are being synchronized to the server so you can easily switch to a different computer in the future. You may continue working while this takes place.
That's it.
Then when it's done, a subtle...
"Roaming setup complete."
See how easy that is? SO much less branching.

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Agreed Nathan !!!

Here's a test guys... take what you THINK you want to say and explain it to someone outside of IT. ie. Explain it to your parents, your friends, your cab driver, your coffee barista and ask them what they think it means... I just ran your proposed wording to my wife and she didn't have a clue what it meant!!!
ie. "Lotus Notes data will be the same on any computer once a scheduled administration task has run."
...what is data? What is an administration task??
Back to the beginning... if an administrator wants a user to roam, why allow the user to turn it off? Just let them roam and do it in the background. A user doesn't care. If it's slow to start because it's roaming...they explain it then, but otherwise why worry?
If the turn up at another computer they probably just expect they can access their data there? If not, they probably call the helpdesk anyhow.

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I like the 'Never ask me again, I do not want this computer to roam'

Of course the user doesn't want the computer to roam, it wants it to stay where it is so it can use it!!:) lol

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Thank you MB for having made the changes so far and if we can change the wording (including the radio buttons) then that does improve what is currently available.

It would be best if we could dictate that there is no user involvement at all so that the roaming profiles are created silently. At most all they need to know is that the process has completed (really completed, e.e. when the adminp process has done its job, not just that the files have replicated) and that they can now access notes from (almost) any workstation.

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One other thing. In the past it has been known for the upgrade to roaming to get stuck. It would be really useful if the administrators could be notified somehow (log file/email/???) Tell us why it failedDid the id file actually get added to the address bookHelp simplify the re-roaming process rather than either having to hack the notes.ini to force it to try again or having to un-roam and re-roam again.

As far as the user is concerned it should all look like magic, it should just happen.

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Magic would include some sort of roaming setup completion time estimate or completion bar graph.

The dialog for process completed could indicate if the users settings will be either replicated back when notes exits (completion bar) , or will be cleaned-up, based on the current roaming configuration.

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Why do you have to involve and inform the users so much?

If it has been decided on roaming, I don't think it is wise to give the user a choice. Maybe you keep the 'ask me next time' option, but really I don't think that is wise.
And why on earth tell the users about some background administration task. Totally unecessary! Keep it simple!

8 localhost commented Permalink

Agree with most of the comments. It's not simple enough! Why even give the user a dialog box with an option? Unexpected dialog boxes confuse and worry Samantha. Why not just have it convert silently in the background? After all, the admin has already made this decision.

The 'administrative task' dialog box is far worse. It doesn't given the average user any sense of timing. Do they have to wait 5 minutes, an hour, a day, or a week before the process is complete?
In my opinion, the only time you should pop up a dialog box is when the functionality is actually WORKING. i.e. the conversion has finished and Admin P has run. Then flash up a dialog box the next time the user starts Notes congratulating them on their new ability to move from computer to computer with their settings intact.

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