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People will learn quickly that the window won't be cleared or whatever, though I still think it'd be better to clear those you can. The productivity tools sound like separate apps; no one expects locking Notes to lock Word, so why would they expect it to lock the word processing productivity tool?

Anyway, where there be SOME visual indication that Notes is locked?! Somewhere? On each window that's affected, hopefully? Otherwise, it will be confusing to end users. ("I locked it, but nothing happened.")
And, perhaps more importantly, without the Notes windows clearing...will I be able to click on another tab and see what else Samantha has open, and read that page as well as the one that was active when she locked the screen? If so, then the locking will be nearly useless; might as well quit Notes. So, please elaborate on just what the locking will do other than lock credentials and break server connections; what're the obvious effects and how's it affect what's on her screen? Thanks!
(BTW a while back the simple math question disappeared from the main blog post page and now only shows on the "add a comment" page; so having the comment box on the page with the blog entry is confusing/useless...no way to post from there! At least, that's my experience in your blog now.)

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p.s. sorry, "near useless" was an exaggeration; obviously locking the ID is the main thing.

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[Sound of pitchforks being dropped, torches being extinguished, mob dispersing...]

Thanks for the change away from locking the whole OS.
The limitation of not clearing the windows is one that I think users can live with.
I'm wondering something: In ND6 and 7, if one changes locations to one that uses a new Notes id, all open windows close. If you can't clear out windows on F5 in Hannover, will you be able to close Notes windows on a location/id change? If so, could you give the option of closing all open Notes windows on F5? If you say "no", your id is still locked but people can still read what's on your screen. Users can always use the OS's lock feature to keep people from doing that.
P.S. What Kendall says is true. This blog design is broken. If you click the permalink in an RSS reader to come here, it displays the comment entry box -- giving the appearance that you can enter a comment, but it doesn't display the challenge question -- so really you can't. You have to click the "comments" link first, and then you get the full form, at which point you can enter your comments. This really needs to be fixed, given that it is a significant usability problem in a blog that talks a lot about usability!

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Mary Beth should move her site to were Ed, Alan, Jeff, Adam and more have their blogs :P

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Thank you. That's a much, much better solution. I'm not sure I understand why blanking the Notes screens/tabs but not the productivity editors is perceived as a big problem, but maybe that's something I won't understand until I have Hannover in front of me. In any event, locking the ID and closing any server connections are Good Things. Hiding the screen can be accomplished by using the OS lock feature.


6 localhost commented Trackback

Thanks MB and team, a much better solution imo. Pity about the screen blanking, but locking the session info is the main thing.


7 localhost commented Permalink

Breakin connection with the server isn't a good idea because you're not aware of new mail coming in.

8 localhost commented Permalink

One small request:

Could the user be prompted to 'really lock Notes'?
Users often hit F5 thinking it will refresh, and BAM! - mysterious white screen, then thoughtful pause (or just 'pause'), then tentative left click on white area, then re-enter password (reading off sticky note), then work for half and hour, then F5 to refresh, then BAM! - and so the long day wears on...

9 localhost commented Permalink

I liked this way of using the Lock Feature. A simple and nice solution.


10 localhost commented Permalink

I'm sure this will be met with rolling eyes and a shaking head ... but why not offer the whole thing to the end user? Or admin via policy?

Lotus Notes client lock options - After XX minutes of inactivity (or pressing F*) - Lock & Replace Screen - Lock & Do not modify screen - Lock OS (Win32 Only)

11 localhost commented Trackback

Satisfies me.

PS: I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!!! :-)

12 localhost commented Permalink

@Nathan,Welcome back! i have missed you-- especially because I play this little game when I read all of your postings, it's called "Identify that responder in X words or less."and I can usually identify yours in the first few words! :)

13 localhost commented Permalink

I would like to have a little more detail on what is locked before responding. If a person can walk up and switch from tab to tab without authenticating, then it seems that ID locking is lacking some features. I understand the ID is locked and they can't access anything not up on a tab, but still.

If all the tabs are locked (you can't switch from tab to tab without authenticating), well that's better than not locking the tabs. Since Notes will (by then) have the ability to restore tabs as they last were (save windows opened and reopen upon next start), couldn't you utilize those capabilities and when the user locks, save and close the windows and when they re-authenticate - reopen the windows? Yes I understand the performance issue, but you are severing the server connections anyways.
Will severing the server connections include severing the connection to Sametime from inside the client? If the user locks the OS, will the embedded Sametime Client recognize this and put the user in "Away Status"? This is actually the "locking problem" that is causing my enterprise more severe problems than the Notes Locking Feature.

14 localhost commented Permalink

Regarding the blog broken issue that Kendall and Rich reported-- I am told it's a known issue and they are working on it.

.. and thanks to John Head for his back-handed offer to host this blog :)

15 localhost commented Permalink

I think locking the screen was nice.I would not expect all apps to be locked (I would then lock Windows instead)At least making all Notes parts (were ID is required) 'hidden' would be a nice feature...The idea of Eric (having it as option) looked great to me...

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