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Do you know if End User use these Shortcuts? I don't think so! I'm sure that most of the developers and sysadmin will, but I'm also convinced that most of your clients don't care about it.

Lotus Notes is a great product, keep it nice and simple and every user will fall in love with it :-)

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So the accelerator can't just be reversed in the RtoL language versions?

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Not sure if this was brought up before - Wouldn't the term "collapsed" be more appropriate than "thin"? Looks like "collapse" is already being used in the hover-over bubble and I think is more of an industry standard. I would even prefer "minimize" to "thin". Just my nit-picky 2 cents.

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I agree with these suggestions comments:

- I like the Ctl+'+' & ctl+'-' to change font size in Firefox- Do you know if End User use these Shortcuts? I don't think so!- Wouldn't the term "collapsed" be more appropriate than "thin"?

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Hi Mary (Yes I'm back) !

First of all best wishes for 2008.
Just a quick comment to mention that the Ctrl+number shortcut are difficult for european keyboards (since number are Shift-combinations), they are more US type shortcuts, for Europeans, the are longcuts...

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Anyone caring at European users (see previous comment) ?/Pierre

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I've long wished Lotus Notes would allow all keyboard shortcuts to be customised by the user. The dilemma with picking sidebar shortcuts is another reason to add such a feature.

By all means, set your suggested defaults, but let the user change shortcuts (or even remove them) as desired.

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I like the control functions as well.

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Most of the people I know to work with Lotus Notes, consider it unfriendly. Allowing to customize shortcuts is one of the small things that improve user's perception.Let each one work with the software as they like, instead of asking us to learn pre-defined shortcuts.

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