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1 localhost commented Trackback

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with your folks in the UX Lab and for this blog. It was nice to get a chance to meet you down at Lotusphere.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Could you please tell us the names of all those nice people in the User Interface lab? I did a web conference session with one of them and forgot her name, which I wanted to put in my blog entry about that experience.

3 localhost commented Permalink

It is great to see your lab growing every year.

And I guess since I didn't hear, none of my tickets came up, huh? Bummer.

4 localhost commented Permalink

It's now February 10 and I'm alomst finished following up with all the customers and business partners I met in the UX Lab who expressed interest in giving us ongoing usability feedback through our Users First program. We had more interest and participation than we had expected, and saw lots of people wearing "I've Been Heard" buttons. We got incredible feedback on all of our products that we have already put to use.

Martijn, there were two people conducting Web Conference sessions: Amy Travis and Tracee Wolf. I'm not sure which one you worked with. Can you send a link to your blog? I'd like to see what you said about Lotusphere and the lab.
Tim, sorry, you were not one of the lucky iPod winners. Maybe next year.

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