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1 localhost commented Permalink

To be able to export Notes documents to PDF would be HUGE for us. Our site uses a product (EDWS) for document and record storage and retrieval. Today we use a third party product to move our Notes documents to PDF. To have this built into the client would be a great benefit...even more so if we could do it programatically.

2 localhost commented Trackback

As a developer I'll never unterstand why the users want to have PDF export functions built into each single application. There are printer drivers out there that can write PDF files - commercial ones (like Adobe PDFWriter) and freeware tools (e.g. CutePDF Writer).So what's wrong about using them instead of reinventing the wheel?

I have a different thing for the productivity tools wish list: Please define a keyboard shortcut to start the presentation mode at the currently visible slide. In MS Office (XP) there's only F5, which starts the presentation from the beginning. But if you design a presentation, you would like to test only a part of the presentation. So you have to know the current slide number, press F5 and enter the number instead of just pressing Shift-F5 for example.

3 localhost commented Trackback

I would agree that having export capabilities to PDF for our company would be a major incentive to upgrade. While there are other ways to accomplish the same thing, the knowledge level and rollout efforts to 7000 people are considerable. To have all that available as part and parcel of the Notes client would be wonderful.

4 localhost commented Trackback

As much as I would like to see native Notes -> PDF built in, since there are so many tools that do this (acrobat distiller, pdf995, etc), I would rather you focus on things that I can not do at all then replace an existing product/option.

Plus, its pretty easy to use FO to generate a PDF in Notes using java :)

5 localhost commented Permalink

Though many PDF generator tools out there, in companies where users don't have rights to install any software have to go extra mile to ask IT to make PDF writer tool installed on their PCs. For "Desktop Services (IT)" within the company this is one extra thing they have to support. In my company they made it a big deal and I'd to involve the top level mgmt.

So, providing "Generate PDF" option is a huge plus in opinion. It would be nice to see this feature available for docs as well.

6 localhost commented Trackback

PDF export would be a great idea imo, especially with PDF being offered as a standard soon.

Where you can provide some added value above just using a 'print to pdf' driver would be in mechanism's for generating indices (using a specified view perhaps?) and suchlike.
An excellent area where a, relatively, small investment of developer time would really pay off imo.

7 localhost commented Permalink

I think it would be useful but that's not the reason I would want to see it. It should be there for consistency. If all the productivity tools have this ability then the expectation will be that emails should be exportable too. Imagine the reactions if the facility is not there.


8 localhost commented Trackback

This would be very helpful to avoid installing any third party PDF export programs. Personally I use the free tool PDFCreator (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/).

And another question: When will the built-in Notes editor for rich-text fields be replaced by the productivity editor part?
Andy Brunner

9 localhost commented Trackback

Well, NOT a must have for us;but it seems a nice feature that will make happy a few users.

Thanks for asking, José Manuel

10 localhost commented Trackback

Echoing the previous comments ... good for consistency and definitely good if it can be done programatically.

And quite often nothing is a 'must have' until some user says 'what about .. '
All looking good though.

11 localhost commented Permalink

Some additional features to consider:

1) Convert any standard Notes document or page to PDF2) Option to convert and attach PDF file to email in one function3) Ability to include the text content of PDF files in a full-text index search 4) Ability to encryption PDF files using standard Notes certificates

12 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Mary,

Send me Screenshots of Notes 8, and I'll get our design team to send you feedback.
Thanks, best regards, Marky Goldsteinready@rosa.com

13 localhost commented Trackback

I never understood why you'd want to create PDF files from Notes ... until I started using a Mac (which allows PDFs to be made from almost anywhere).

The ability to do this is very helpful. Since many of our Notes applications aren't accesible via the web, the ability to create a PDF would allow us to electronically share a locked document with customers or business partners, for example.
Count me in on the "this would be a HUGE feature to have" vote. (I just wish I would have read the fine print about Notes 8 not having the ability to do this before I got people so excited about the feature ... doh!)

14 localhost commented Permalink

What, everyone doesn't just use Acrobat? ;-) I have no need to have special functionality to create PDFs, since the normal route -- usable from any program, whether or not it "supports" PDF -- is to either use a printer driver or Distiller. (With special "export to PDF" features, I fear it'll come out differently than printed and/or differently than the normal PDF creation route.)

But it sounds like I'm in the minority.... (grin&shrug) Okay. And even I will admit that it may make it easier for our company to contemplate replacing the bloated Microsoft Office suite. Hopefully the Notes 8 "Export to PDF" will include some useful options like font inclusion, et al.

15 localhost commented Trackback

Even though there are 3rd party tools to do this, most if not all of them cost extra. Anything that makes my job easier and keeps the users from calling me with "how do I do this" (and doesn't cost extra) would be great.

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