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That looks great, but my first impression is that it could be very resource-intensive. How would I define what text to underline? How would I define the pop-up text? If I have a doc with hundreds of item numbers, would it have to do hundreds of lookups?

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Great feature but a further couple of caveats -

1. some of us Notes for applications but use another email client (stupid I know). The email option needs to work in this scenario.
2. We have thousands of addresses (say, customers) that surface in Notes apps. The quality of the address formatting is VERY variable - if clicking the address causes a failure to resolve it, users will blame the app and not the data... What to do here?

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WOW. This will be HUGE!! I have already seen a few other posting showing how this can be integrated with the Notes 8 sidebar and I suspect that when all the kinks are worked out this will be one of the biggest things added to the Notes client in a long while (well... apart from the UI improvement released in 8.0). Congratulations on having the forsight to take the Notes client ahead in leaps and bounds.

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Great Work Mary Beth! It's the little things like this that get the CxOs very excited about a product. I can't wait to play with it.

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I have not noticed any performance issue with the recognizer, however I haven't tried it with a huge document either. The beauty of this technology is that a developer can write a reg-ex to do the recognizing, so you can customize it however you need to for the text you typically have in your org. And, if the text doesn't get recognized because of some mangled data, then the text won't get the underline, so the user will never click on it.

I will post some more examples on my blog when I get a chance this week, which might not be until tomorrow.

6 localhost commented Permalink

Mark, Clicking on a person to email will actually use the mailto: link for that very reason.... so it will use whatever your default mail client is.

We have some very advanced language recognition technology in there. The cool thing here is that you don't wire up to exactly what is underlined. You wire up to properties that we discovered. So if your applications needs the city, state, and zip code.... you state that when wiring it up and will be given those directly, regardless of how they were discovered. If that information isn't available, your action will not be displayed.

7 localhost commented Trackback

When do they figure on having this work on DWA or in Domino web applications?

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