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... your welcome. In fact, a lot of us were telling IBM Lotus for years that UI bugs are real bugs. Just nobody wanted to listen. The result is always the same. People vote with their feet and walk out on notes.

Very early in my career I had to realise that the darn thing can be buggy in the background as long as it looks good. If my prototype has nice looking forms and views, I just have to explain, what the buttons will do. No code required, just looks.Merry Xmas and a happy new year.
PS: I still hope you will make us a christmas present ;-)

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Please don't take any negative comments personal. :-))I am sure that we all really appreciate what you are doing and wish that the UI of Notes 8 will be a success.Actually i would like to thank you for letting us participate on the development and asking for our opinions. (This alone is something we never had a chance in the past.)

So again a BIG thanks and Merry Christmas !

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Glad you enjoyed it. Whenever I use the word "signifying" I have an overwhelming urge to quote the Bard.

It's great to know that we're being listened to on this one. Thanks.

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Please don't take any of the criticsms personally, I think they were all made from a constructive point of view and with that gratitude that we're being consulted on the Notes 8 UI.UI bugs are most definitely REAL BUGS, they are the most visible to the end-users, so it could be argued the most important bugs. First impressions count, whether you're encountering a new person or new software for the first-time.

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year!

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I agree with what Christian said. You wrote "so many of you feel that UI bugs are REAL BUGS". We've been telling you and your colleagues that for years; thanks for internalizing the message at last.

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I whole-heartedly agree that UI bugs are REAL BUGS. Like you, I am glad -- and somewhat surprised -- to see such a strong reaction to this topic. However, we tend to be a very vocal crowd and that just goes back to how much we care about the product. The very nature of Notes with the ability to create Notes-based applications gives us a feeling of ownership and passion that is not found in other software.

Thank you for listening to us.

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From an IT Governance and compliance standpoint, bug free UIs are critical. Why? Because if users feel they cannot use the tools as given, they will find another way to get their jobs done, even if it means going outside established policies and procedures.

Thanks for listening!

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