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1 localhost commented Permalink

Yikes, what you have it not working as intended. When you click one of the icons that represent a sidbar panel, that one sidebar panel is supposed to restore-- that is, open up in addition to the sidbar panels you currently have open.

We had a lot of discussion about whether it should replace the open one so that really only one is open (unless you make more effort to open more than one by dragging) and the Sametime design team in particular was adamant that the norm should be having multiple panels open-- we want to use this same design in the Sametime Connect client and its plug-ins.
Of course,the main reason I am asking for feedback is to see if tht is useful for others or if, like you, most users would prefer to just "replace" a current open panel.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Very nice.

I agree with Don. Left-click should do whatever your preferences say (and I probably go with the Sametime team that the default should be to open an additional panel).
But right-click should have a little context menu to give you the choice of what it should do.

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