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1 localhost commented Permalink

This is all great stuff Mary Beth! Of course, we were already drooling, but are approaching feeding frenzy time for that "public beta"!

Thanks for sharing..

2 localhost commented Permalink

I like it! Lots of flexiblity and opportunites for extension.

BTW, I'd like to recommend SnagIt for your screen captures - we started using a few months ago and we love it because the pictures scale cleanly and it has a great selection of editing tools.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Great stuff ! really nice that we can put our own plugins !

On another aspect, I must say that I really dislike the new open button look- font is way to bigger than the rest of tab bar- this down arrow is , well...not pretty too- the term "open" does not appear to be a good choice to me. I muched prefered the Launch term and the launch UI from there http://www-03.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/marybeth?entry=from_bookmark_bar_to_launcher

4 localhost commented Permalink

Fantastic. Snapping in our own and other 3rd party plug-ins to the UI is awesome.

The change from Launch to Open terminology is the correct choice. While the mechanics of the File | Open menu is different than the Open button - the goal is the same - and the terms should therefore be consistent. I think it will become clear that it's simply a more accessible subset of the File | Open options. Stick to your guns on that one Mary Beth.
Thanks for listening.

5 localhost commented Permalink


Waaaay Cool!
Is it a Sidebar or an AllOverBar?
It's the ultimate "Hinky!"
In your Beta testing, how long does it take Samantha to get productive with this new thingy?

6 localhost commented Permalink

Looks great. Can you change the size of the fonts? They look rather large too me, or is this on an 800x640 screen? Will the replicator tab be 'freshened' with the new look too?


7 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks !!! We all are really looking forward to have a taste of this revolutionary product..

The looks are really stunning.
Please share more of it.
warm regards,

8 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks !!! We all are really looking forward to have a taste of this revolutionary product..

The looks are really stunning.
Please share more of it.
warm regards,

9 localhost commented Permalink

Mary Beth,

Great news and very interesting information.We all look forward to getting our hands on it./Pierre

10 localhost commented Permalink

BTW, does someone know where a Hannover/Notes 8 demo would be available ? Thanks/Pierre

11 localhost commented Permalink

I'm not sure if you were asking, but here's some feedback none the less :)

Regarding the 'default' plugins - if we didn't want to deploy one of those plugins, how easy is it going to be to remove it from the installation package, or disable it? Is this the kind of thing that's going to be controllable from the server side? I'm thinking specifically of the RSS reader - I think it's really cool that you're considering bundling one with the client, but I'm also a bit nervous about 10,000 client users requesting their BBC News feeds every 15 minutes. Unless maybe you're planning some cenral control over what feeds a user will be able to subscribe to? (hint hint ;)
Also, the Day At-A-Glance plugin - in Notes 6 there's a cracking feature where you can summarize your calendar entries - it just shows you a text list of entries for the specified time period. Bearing in mind the lack of screen real estate for the plugin in this case, wouldn't it make more sense to display calendar entries like that, instead of trying to cram in all the appointments and all the whitespace around the appointments?
And finally - I like that you can dock/undock plugins from the sidebar, but I'm not sure I like that it looks like a separate application when you do so (judging from your screenshot above)
But asides from all that - looks great :)

12 localhost commented Permalink


I am a one of the lucky IBM employees, that are included in the beta testing and I have just installed the Notes R8 this morning. It looks great and I already love the sidebar.

13 localhost commented Permalink

Hi MB,

Customizable sidebar and the float option are both great!Will we be able to select fontsize for the client? In the screenshots they appear to take up quite a bit of space. The currentDisplay_Font_Adjustment=-1 hack isn't supported and causes problems in some parts of the client. There are many different resolutions out there (widescreen, big-screen, very-small-screen etc), It'd be nice if we had more options to make the client suit each one to our own likings. Thanks for posting and listening.

14 localhost commented Trackback


the design looks good and it is very clean.The sidebar and the search are really great !
The only minor things that come to my mind are:- the menu bar at the top is grey, while everything else is blue. Wouldn't it be nicer ?- The replicator page seems to be the same as in earlier versions. Aren't there some improvements there ?- Smarticons ? Are they gone or do you only have turned them off ?
PS: In your screenshots the word "Iris" appears several times. Its interesting how long these terms survive :-)))

15 localhost commented Permalink

HiThat looks amazing. I think my customers will love that thing too.But... I hope the Activity Explorer is better then the one in the WMC 2.6. If it does not work offline it is completely useless. Notes is about working on and offline with the same features.CheersChristian

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