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We have a few basic modifications. 1. We customized the memo and reply forms to trap for attachments being sent to our "All user" groups.2. We customized the memo and reply forms to trap for any messages being sent to our "All user" groups. We only allow these from a custom app we have written.3. We customized the profile document to default all meetings to 50 minutes (to allow for travel time ;-)4. We added a hidden field "ExpandPersonalGroups"5. Finally, we added a custom "mood stamp" for a "thank you" program within our company.

-LanceR6.5.6 (soon to be 7.x !!) and wishing we could deploy 8 sometime soon but were not sure we can...

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I always remove the Reply to All buttons from all views and folders. Far too many people click those buttons by mistake when they meant to click on just Reply.

If they do want to do a Reply to All, they can click the button on the Reply form, as a second step.

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I have one client who has done a number of customization of the mail template:-

1) Extended the OpenNTF template and not the IBM template to take advantage of many of the great ideas developed by this project. Especially the ability to define what the default behaviour as to what behaviopur should be for each user for Reply and Reply To All, display the inbox categorized by day....
2) Change the Sort behaviour of the Subject column so that it ignores Re and Fwd when sorting messages.
3) Integration with a corporate Rolodex (via actions) so that contact information can be pasted into the body of the message.
4) Add a Quickfile button to file messages from the in-box to a designated folder with a single click.
4) Not yet implemented, but also considering integration of a call log feature so that a record of all unconnected phone calls (in-coming and outgoing) can be logged. It is a logistical nightmare to set an instance of such a database for each and every user so the Mail database is an attractive options to deploy. Integration with Notes 8 Standard is more complicated for this type of customization so this is being re-evaluated.
A lot of other customizations will be dropped when 8.0.1 is deployed in the next month or so as Notes 8 now provides many other features that were wanted.
Why customize? The single biggest reason is we have so many people who join the company as ex-Outlook users and they demand to see the same features that they have with Outlook!

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We customize the mail template at all our customers because people see the mail template as a database/application that is part of the company workflow. We add action buttons in the inbox and in the messages so that users can send messages into one of many workflows in often quite advanced ways. When, for example, a user receives a mail from a client she will want to put this mail into a workflow. The action button will contain code for choosing the workflow, checking which projects the sender already belongs to and much more.

All cusomers want calendar entries to immediately update the company telephone systems (this means that we need to put a lot of code into buttons and post save events) and also for changes in the telephone systems (like pressing *9 means I'm away for 15 minutes) to update your sametime awareness for example.
It looks like version 8 will make it possible to build actions in Eclipse, that trigger on events in the mail template. A really good "API" for the mail database in this way would for me be the most important development of Notes in many years.

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1. Corporate logo

2. Mail size/quota in frameset
3. Button "Paste link" in the memo form. The button read some information from a file, like Notes document UNID, database, etc, and create a nice looking text link with a doclink after. This makes it easy to reference documents in our support database in responses to users. There is a button in some of our databases (e.g. our corporate knowledgebase) that create the text file.
4. Button to remove $KeepPrivate. Enabled though the addition of a particular user role, deployed on "need-to-know" basis.
5. Button that flag sent documents with a special flag, "ConfirmRead". Later, when a user opens the document and then close it, he/she get a prompt: "Did you read and understand this mail?" and the buttons Yes and No. If he/she press no, the message "Read it again." If he/she press Yes, the action is logged in a separate database as proof that the user did confirm, so we can prove that later. :-) I know, it's evil, but with some users we need this...
I probably forgetting a couple of other small adjustments as well.

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1. Mailfile size/quota gauge indicator.2. Tracking system for Helpdesk (workstation info, Lotus ID, location and some names.nsf cleanup).3. favicon.ico into DWA for tabbed browser.

One template are deployed for everyone, but some people have agents in mail to create document in process databases (Create Helpdesk Ticket from mail, Projet Acion,...).

7 localhost commented Trackback

Some of the customizations we made for our customers are:

- corporate logo into the letterhead- ask before sending the return receipt on incoming mails- mail signature- integration of unified messaging services- save to DMS button
Mostly all customizations are rolled out to all users. Some companies don't want any customizations at all because of the need to re-do them at every update.
I am personally customizing our own mail template:
- category colors for the calendar (from OpenNTF Mail Exp.)- switch the german "Antwort: " to the international "Re: "- plan for a save to DMS button

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1. Catagorisation: Public, Internal, Strictly confidential2. Corporate logo3. "New" drop-down action button for various forms, both for forms in the mail db and for workflow db's4. Auto identify customer emails from email address and store copy in central db.5. dbopen event stores session info in admin db.

Some of these changes seem to be common with what has been said earlier. The categorisation and logging of customer emails has to be a common requirement for business emails, doesn't it?

9 localhost commented Trackback

@Charles -- 4) Add icon if $KeepPrivate is set.REASON: It helps cut down on help desk calls when people try to print or forward an e-mail.

This is a common one that I add for my clients. Several liked the Secret Agent icon (#163) with the hat and trench coat. Ymmv.
I've also designed a hide-when link for the legal team and others involved in regulatory work, located at the top of the form that when depressed, Pre-pends -- "Client Confidential," into the subject. The current client has something similar which is nice.
Also, categorizing the first column so that High priority messages float to the top (with a counter). Akin to an older iteration of the IBM internal template. Many managers liked this as they tend to have larger Inbox folders.

10 localhost commented Permalink

Not unlike other above, but with a slight twist.

Add subform to all primary mail file forms.Subform contains two fields: - CompanyName (dbcolumn from CRM application) - ProjectName (dblookup from CRM app, based upon compayname selected above)
Added CC to "The Files", which is alias for CRM mail-in DB application.
All of this was to keep copy of sent mail in centralized CRM application, where the Ronco-Data-Matic could find client/project related correspondence, regardless of who sent it.
Email that was not related to a client or project was discouraged, as those fields were obviously blank.

11 localhost commented Permalink

We just add an All by Person view. We started after Lotus dropped it from the standard template, along with All by Category--the latter, we did not keep. Folks actually notice if All by Person goes away and ask where it is.

Yes, they could use All Documents and sort by the Sender column. No, that's not the same experience; also, using All Documents requires twice as much view activity (roughly)--one for the all docs sort and another for the sort of clicking on the sender column. Then if they forget/unclick...bottom line is that we find an All by Person view useful. Many people just use their Inbox, folders, and All by Person, in fact. ;-) (Sad, I know!)
We've toyed with other things, but mostly things like adding the All by Person view--i.e., just paste into template, inherit from another, and that's it. So it's not a big pain at upgrade, though it's tedious for a few minutes while I set it up and make sure I did it right. ;-)

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I have seen a lot of customization in many organization as consultant.

The most popular is "company logo" enforced instead of the default letterheads. This should be one easy improvement in default template for next releases.
Also i found interesting many customization as previously written in the other comments.
I think a good solution should be an open allowed customization for the standard template. something like plugins to be applied without hard design element replacement. This should be a great improvement and a immediate plus versus MS Outlook. Also for future upgrade the work for IT will be drammaticaly reduced
ehr ... sorry for my english

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1) Customize inbox to show complete email address if no clear name is present.The user should have more control over how the inbox is presented.

2) Add form and view to support diversion for phone system
3) Block users from adding signature's, since it's done on the server side
4) Add support to set a separate time when the meeting starts. For example if the meeting starts at 10:00, you may have to leave at 09:00, so the meeting entry must be from 09:00, since you will not be available. Then you need to set a separate time for the actual start of the meeting as well.
5) CRM integration for copying email to CRM application.
Many of the previous changes are not needed in Notes 8.

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1. Added an Action to package an email up as a text attachment and report to our anti-spam provider.2. Added a button to encrypt Internet emails.3. Added an Action to (send an email which prompts the server to) compact the mail file and reclaim file size.This is needed since the DB properties button does not work with transaction logging enabled.4. Added postopen code to collect client information.5. Updated the About document to display email policies and tips for cleaning up the mailbox.

15 localhost commented Permalink

How appropriate, just upgraded to 8.0.1 and have to redo the mail template. Argh..

1) Upgrade to provide better Sign Off options, eg. "New Mail with Signature" Action Button (signature imported from RTF field)
2) To copy mail into another application/database
3) Mail View Categorized by sender.

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