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I agree with John. Especially on point 2. The e-mails should be saved at the very least in the senders mail database. that's how they will know it worked.

In the future it would be great to have more control over where the documents are saved. So if the data came from a customer database for example, it could be saved in the customer database....

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I agree with Carl. What would be *really* cool would be to be able to select merge fields from a Domino view.

I do it for ILUG every year, and it presently means creating a view, exporting to text, importing to Excel, going to Word, creating a mail merge, running the merge and the printing the whole lot.
Being able (as a user) to setup a print or email merge from any view would be a killer feature for most AA's.
Back to the original question - Just show the login box and give the option to save outbound mails :-)

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instances meaning records or contacts here Charles. Bad verbage (and that feedback has already been provided). It is basically for everyone or for certain folks. Yeah, I know, UI needs work.

Carl and Warren - they are building Mail Merge for the Personal Address Book between Symphony and Notes. If you want to use another data source or save it somewhere else, you will have to customize it. Just like we do with Word or OpenOffice.org Writer today. There should be an API that allows for this at the same time (crossing my fingers) ... but I believe IBM's plan is to mimic the Outlook to Word Mail Merge feature out of the box and let us extend it

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For #2 always Yes. (though if large attachments are going to be broken into multiple emails, I can see the option of not saving, or better, just saving a 'header' that shows the document and the entire list of names)

I don't know if it's changed in 8, but it's quite irritating that calendar invitations, comments and the like are NOT found in the sent folder in 7 and below. How am I supposed to know IF it was sent or WHAT was sent?

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I'm not Betty eiter but work and with and for Betty(s). ;-)

So yes, do have a simple mail "merge" that uses a local (contacts) or public group (directory) database to map the fields and then send the message to a selected set of groups/users in that same database (er. application).
As for standalone, yes, start notes, send the message and leave a copy in the sent box (or whatever the user's preferences are).
Thanks to John and Carl for bring up questions and answers to context. Also, cleaning up the verbiage in the dialog would be a big plus.

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I’m not particularly worried about the questions you are asking, or what is in the “first” release of the ability to merge fields with a document created out of Lotus Notes. What I am more concerned about is architecture of the foundation for this capability and that it be constructed in such a way that it allows the natural evolution to an extremely powerful feature.

Enough prose, down to requirements:- The ability to specify in any RTF field on any document in any database a field from a document in any database through the use of a wizard that walks me through picking a database, a view or the creation of a view helping me with selection criteria to determine the documents processed.- The ability to use a view to determine what documents are included in the merge- The ability to select the specific documents from any view that are included in the merge- The ability to have access to this capability through Lotusscript so that Agents can be used to do the merge- The ability to directly mail the documents (given an Internet address)- The ability to print the merged document to a printer.
The ability to do a PIM mail merge of specific contacts is “nice”. The ability to merge data to templated documents is power. Can you imagine the capability that would be unleashed for systems like Change Control, Purchase Order Systems, Accounts Payable, Customer notifications/emails and many more.
What you do in the first releases of this is only important to the extent that you architect it in such a way to be able to be extended to allow the full possibilities and capabilities to come to fruition

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I am so happy you are working on the mail merge. My database is in access and my mailmerge is a Word document. I need to have variable information in the body of the letter which is mailmerge through e-mail. This information comes from my data source (not lotus notes) and I would like to send an e-mail with information unique to each student as designed in my database. This process was possible in Outlook it would be awesome to see lotus notes have this same capability. Currently, I have to complete a mailmerge to a new document and then cut and paste each letter into a seperate email to each student (approx 200) this is VERY timely.

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