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1 localhost commented Trackback

it should read the CSS style on the load of the Client, so if I change it, everything 'mail' changes to match it ..

2 localhost commented Permalink

Remember, many sites customize their mail templates and sometime want to have folders look a very specific way - so... If the folder has been created based on the in-box then it should look exactly the same as the in-box (i.e. automatically use the same CSS) If the folder is NOT based on the in-box it should NOT be forced to look the same as the in-box.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Why can't the "create a folder" operation copy the CSS over the same way it copies everything else over from the Inbox? That way, you retain expected behavior. Just a thought.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Always extend - it will limit the amount of support or questions about why one thing looks and works different than others. Plus it would make it easier if you wanted to change the CSS that the personal folders all get updated automatically without user intervention.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Solution 3

6 localhost commented Permalink

Consistency is key; Personal folders should look the same, always.

7 localhost commented Permalink

I would suggest keeping personal folders looking like the inbox, if they are/were created from the inbox.

If that cannot be determined, then give the user the ability to apply (and always have) the inbox appearance/style.
Is that 2 or 3?

8 localhost commented Trackback

No Brainer # 3

9 localhost commented Permalink

Agreed. No Brainer # 3


10 localhost commented Permalink

Option 3. Folders should look like the Inbox automatically. Most people don't expect a difference between the look and feel of the Inbox and their personal folders, and the old Upgrade Folder Design agent is just awkward.

11 localhost commented Permalink


Please, PLEASE, put the CSS in the .NSF (Design of the Mail Template). Having the CSS only on the client BREAKS all of the design rules that makes Notes elegant. To adjust the user experience (as one user requested), I have to modify the file on the users' machine. AND it breaks during an upgrade. BAD BAD BAD.

12 localhost commented Permalink

Definitely #2 or #3.

I was thinking #2 plus when created, it should also look like the Inbox. This would mimic how it works in Notes 7 and earlier, methinks.
But the arguments for #3 are pretty persuasive....

13 localhost commented Permalink

Personal Folders and the inbox should always look the same.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Dimitri. Give admins global control - if they decide to let users make their own choices, then users should see checkboxes or buttons that enable those settings

I also agree with Ryan. My CEO has both a laptop and a desktop - it will be very bad for Notes' image if it looks differently on his 2 machines because each has their own local CSS settings

15 localhost commented Trackback

Option 3 - standard look and feel across all the folders in the mailbox.

Always frustrated the hell out of me having to upgrade the design of folders after refreshing the design of an inbox, and even now I get some ECL errors when accessing defunct mail folders.

16 localhost commented Trackback

Sorry, just an idea. How about a Mail85.ntf that has enforced CSS folders with standardised look and feel, and keep Mail8.ntf for those that want to keep folders in their original design?

17 localhost commented Permalink

I vote for option 3 as well.

18 localhost commented Trackback

Folders should never have been constructed the way they were. My mailbox contains folders with lots of different design (since Notes 3 if it had folders) and I can never remember how to refresh the design of folders. Given that folders have been constructed the way they have, all folders should be refreshed automatically when the design of the Inbox (which by the way never should have been constructed as a folder) is updated. I guess thats #3 (or #4)

19 localhost commented Permalink

Option 3

20 RandalOulton commented Permalink

Margo, you are likely not still watching this thread in 2010, but...

the grey in the inbox is causing accessibility issues for some users, so much in fact that we can't upgrade their mail.
We need an easy way to set it back to the plain black for them. (The built-in accessibility global options are too hard-core; we don't need quite that much over-the-top stuff happening.)
Grey was a nice idea, but it's excluding some people from the new design and features unnecessarily.

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