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Here are the answers pertaining to me and my users (estimated from my knowledge). Users's answers is between parenthesis (like in your question) :

1. Yes (No, or VERY few: 10 among +1200).2. Yes (No, or VERY few: 10 among +1200).3. Yes (No, or VERY few: 10 among +1200).4. Yes : if it is useful for meetings5. I use it rarely
On reason for not using description (even if others find it silly) is that when you receive large attachments in meeting desciptions and you're not the chair, you are unable to remove the attachement).
I add one answer to a question you didn't ask :6. How often do you (or your users) user encryption on meetings : Never (never)./Pierre

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Sorry for the number of typos and mistakes in previous post. Hope you still understand.

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1. Yes...but expect most users are No2. Yes...but expect most users are No3. Not really4. Maybe as an advanced option.5. Never. I'd like the in-place editing of the Notes Calendar to be a bit easier to use.


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1. No2. No3. No4. No5. Yes, for all users. For appointment notes, meeting minutes, various attachments etc. Both for planning appointments/meetings and storing relevant data after the event. So much so that I feel I have misunderstood the question, I cannot understand why one would not use it.

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I'm a Notes 6.5.2 user, not a developer or admin. My answers would be:

1. No2. No3. No4. Maybe if I had a better understanding about the benefits of using encrypt in these situations?
5. Yes, extensively. For just about every single calendar entry. My co-workers seem to use it extensively as well. However, one of my main beef's with this field is that sometimes when copying the contents of a Notes mail I get an ugly error "Invalid RTF data on clipboard" or something to that effect. Aside from that (and from not being able to remove an attachment when it's sent to you in a meeting invite, which is annoying when it's a large attachment and you're trying to keep mail file size down), it works well.

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Mary Beth: I think there's confusion on #5; I interpreted your question as being whether Description was used for non-meetings. I think some are taking your "etc." to include meetings. Clarification would be good.

4. I like consistency ;-) so I feel it would be good to have it available for non-meetings; does Mark Private work for them? (If so, I think there's your answer - why wouldn't the same need apply?)
5. If I read you right (see above), then I never use it for the few non-meeting calendar entries I create. (I have no idea what others at my company use it for.)

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1. Yes most of them know.

2.Most of them know the difference between private und encrypt.
3. i know what happens the users dont.
4. No.
5. round about every 2nd entry...But I never encrypt an invitation. I send "secret" information in an encrypted mail.

8 localhost commented Trackback

1. Yes (some do, most don't)

2. Yes (some do, most don't)
3. Yes (some do, most don't)
4. Can't think of a reason
5. Not a lot. We use a modified form that has agenda fields built in.

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I think probably the main issue for our users is what is meant by 'Encrypt' and 'Mark Private' - how about including some help text so that if the user hovers/clicks on 'Mark Private' some text pops up and explains what this will acutally do! We often get calls from execs who are outrages that their PA can see a 'Mark Private' meeting.

Tricky one. We'd strongly push for everything to be able to be encrypted - its a really key factor for our organisation is that Lotus Notes allows encryption so easily.
Yes we use the description field - I agree with Mark Maden above how could you get by without using it!

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If you guys would stop throwing the error message about being unable to encrypt messages to external domains when we send mail to the internet, I would just turn on encryption for all emails via a policy. At it stands today, though, that constant annoying message makes simply turning on "Encrypt Sent Mail" unusable. It amazes me that no one inside the core dev team has noticed this.

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Have you ever seen how a user's face lights up with delight when they realise they can encrypt mail, hiding content even from Administrators? It is a truly beautiful sight.

Encryption is a great feature of Notes, and should be flaunted on all supporting forms, making it obvious how to encrypt, and above all obvious which fields are encrypted.
Finally, the error messages have got to go. There are two cases where encryption is used, and error messages are annoying:
1. Problem: Sending an encrypted message to the internet.
1. Solution: If a message is encrypted (either by default or by a user selection), the header of that message is pale green (or a bar, or whatever, just something big and green).The instant a user types an internet address, this bar changes to red, with the text (in the bar) saying: "This message will not be encrypted for external recipients".This is eyecatching enough to let the user know what is happening, yet doesn't pull them away from what they are doing.
2. Problem:Opening a document with an encrypted field.
2. Solution:Instead of a prompt box to say that some (not named) fields are encrypted, just open the document, and have the encrypted fields show up as just grey rectangles with a pretty little lock in it.Authors saving encrypted documents will get a thrill of satisfaction at how clever they are, and readers opening those documents will be able to instantly understand why some fields aren't being displayed.

12 localhost commented Trackback

"Ordinary users" do not grasp the concept of encryption. They see it rather as something which will add things more complicated.

"Mark as busy, but hide contents" or similar plain language would work better, in my opinion.

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