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1 localhost commented Permalink

"If you scroll down so that the selected items are not on the page, and then click on an item, we follow the above selection rules." --what do you mean? You're saying that scrolling won't change how things work? The fact that you have to point this out makes me worried; I would have hoped that scrolling around, not matter WHAT selection model, wouldn't change how things work. So, I guess I'm confused by your comment. ;-)

I'd never expect the selection model to change how deletions work since those are unrelated features. (And BTW there's a...bug? quirk?...whereby you CAN get the Xs in the inbox instead of having things go to the trash. I forget how to do it, if it involves interrupting the deletion or what. I don't know if Lotus considers this a feature or a bug. ;-)
Re. Trash...um, I thought we could do with with soft deletion enabled & other design changes? Are you saying I'm misremembering or are you asking if we would use the functionality more if it were a simple checkbox in database properties, or whatever? (BTW I don't know that this would be "upgrading"; they are different ways of doing things, not really up or down grading, IMHO.)
Anyway, I like the hybrid model as far as I understand it.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I like the combined model. It lets the new users work, and the power Notes users continue to make use of what is a better approach, even though it is not standard.

There is nothing worse than spending time carefully selecting emails (or files or whaterver), then accidentally loosing your selection by clicking in the wrong place, or letting go of the ctrl key.
I definitely go for option 2

3 localhost commented Permalink

I like the new model but sometimes miss the drag-select in the selection column.

My vote goes for Option 2.

4 localhost commented Permalink

I do prefer the "gutter" method with checkmarks when going through a very long list of entries that I want to move to a folder, delete or whatnot. I like it because it's more forgiving if I happen to click in the wrong spot or forget to hold down the Ctrl-ke and so I don't loose my 55 current selections. However, for selecting just a few items, the Windows selection method is what I use.

I definitely would like to see both in the hybrid model.
Not sure I understand the trash-can question tho. I do have a trash-can icon on the left, when I delete something, there are no X'es, they just go straight to trash and does not collect $200.
I would NOT like the old model back where deleted email stayed in the inbox with the X in front until you hit F9.

5 localhost commented Trackback

I like the combined model, too. And yes, I would update my applications to use a trashcan instead of the X deletion model.

6 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with the combined model too. I MUCH prefer the Trashcan than the old X deletion model !


7 localhost commented Permalink

Hybrid model sounds good to me. Don't think you can get rid of the traditional notes way of doing things, but adding the 'normal' windows way for new users is definitely a good thing.

As for trash can, all my custom apps use delete flag fields anyway - I never allow people to delete with the x, it just confuses people (if someone deletes something they expect it to dissapear, not stay there waiting for you to press another key), so I guess trash can is the way to go for everything.

8 localhost commented Permalink


The hybrid method works for me and should for others too.

9 localhost commented Permalink

will this improve selection model for categorized views? I would love to select/deselect all documents in category by selecting/deselecting that category. beware of multilevel categories.

10 localhost commented Permalink

I like the idea of hybrid model - absence of windows model in Notes (with CTRL/SHIFT options) was unpleasant for years. But switching to (only) windows model would be confusing.

Sometimes I use mentioned "focus on nonselected document" (which will become unusable) in this scenario: view action formulas work with focused document (used for user dialog) and immediately launched agent runs on selected documents - so I can "clone" data from focused doc to selected docs.

11 localhost commented Permalink

Hi all,First of all : Mary, congratulations for your blog !

I greatly appreciate the hybrid model even if the block selection will disappear. Effect on view agent : the first selected document is processed or all of them ? It used to be the block one...
Another question (two in one) : 1) how will be counted and 2) be de/selected the twisties ?
1) In old releases, when you select All (Ctrl-A), twisties are selected and counted each of them as one document more;not evident for the novice user.
In beta3, they are selected but not counted (good thing for the novice user); like in old releases, select them still counts them as one document each, so we are able to number the categories. Good too.Not quite simple in fact in beta3 : if you do this after a "select All", the first selection counts them and do not make a deselection (you have to do this one more time do unselect the twisty). In fact, they are shown selected till you develop one or two. It would be better not selected at all I think, and that would be coherent. But it's a detail.
In brief, how will we have the select of all, the select of twisties, and the count of documents or/and twisties ?
2)In old releases as in beta3, when you un/select a category (a twisty), no effect was done on the documents categorized.I was wishing one day will come a cascading selection on twisty that would be able to select the documents categorized... but I know... how select the categories only to count them ? Old dream, no solution. And then, you come John ! Why - with hybrid model - not have, in the windows one, this cascading selection ?
I am not alone : Feri seems to have the same dream !

12 localhost commented Permalink

Since there seems to be some consistent questions that appear to require some clarification, let me chime in here:1. Why do I mention scrolling? Specifically because of the scenario airwhale mentions (about the fourth comment from top). Clicking and losing selection has been mentioned a few times by Notes users, particularly in cases involving scrolling, so I just wanted to make sure people consider that scenario.2. Up/Down arrows will follow the windows selection model (so, if you hold down shift you would extend the selection, Ctrl allows you to move focus with spacebar controlling selection, etc).3. You cannot get the Xs in the Inbox. But if this selection model proved to be popular, we would look to roll it out to other databases. As a result, we're trying to figure out if the X's (the logical deletes) are desirable or if the Trash Can is considered better in general. 4. Good points about the twisties. I'll see what we can do.Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming.-JL

13 localhost commented Permalink

I like the hybrid model too, I've must admit I've been disturbed by the new model which seems to simply follow what we are used to from other Windows apps rather than trying to give the best solution.

Personally I prefer using the 'gutter'/selection-margin and the checkmarks. Whenever I have a user complain its non-standard I always point-out that iTunes (famed for its usability) uses a very similar model; this usually shuts them up! ;o)

14 localhost commented Trackback

Hybrid please (or preferences), just bring it back soon. It is a far superior selection model. I disagree with the comments about Power Users for Gutter, Everyone else 'Standard selection'. All our users use the Gutter and will miss it when we launch Notes 8.0.

15 localhost commented Permalink

I would suggest checking out the Yahoo! mail beta with regard to inbox email selection. It does a great job with a hybrid selection model. The only thing I see missing is the ability to check (or un-check) and then drag the mouse up or down to rapidly check (or un-check) many documents like the pre 8.0 Notes client.

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