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Nice persona - love the Pugs ;-)

However, I'm very concerned about the persona only being interested in administering Domino on Windows servers (and probably only from a Windows desktop too). I think this oversimplifies the task of most enterprise-level Domino admins out there, and reduces the need for you to think outside the box regarding administering cross-platform servers in the future.
As someone who runs Domino on AIX and Linux, and predominantly works from Mac or Linux clients these days, I constantly have to fight against software pre-reqs, lack of admin/designer support, browser incompatibilities, still no "out-of-the-box" startup/shutdown scripts etc. etc.
I know these issues aren't all going to be fixed in the near future, but creating a persona that has no awareness of the limitations isn't going to help us either...
Just my 2c as ever. Keep up the good work MB! Stuart

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So this is a nice admin persona. But where is the designer persona?

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I think that the Platform should have something to do with it, but not that much - the aim is to improve the domino admin features and tools.... which run on top of the platform. Windows only is fine to me, as we are talking functionality here, and keeping it with that platform will make people more likely to comment/give opinions..

And no.. I dont have a problem with non-windows platforms... sending this from my mac..

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@Paul I agree it shouldn't be about the platform - the persona is 99% satisfactory as written above...

However, my concern is that by specifying Fred's platform in the persona as purely a homogeneous Windows environment, IBM are effectively making life very much easier for themselves.
If someone in Lotus Devt sits down in front of a new Domino feature and thinks through it as Fred, then I don't think they will truly be reflecting the needs of a wide spectrum of Domino admins...
IBM would be better off not specifying the server platform at all.

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It looks as though I might be barking up the wrong tree here as noone else seems to feel the same way so far... But I'll bark one last time ;-)

Just to reiterate, my issue is the server platform not the client.
The install, configure and management of Domino, Sametime and Quickr/Domino is very different on AIX/Linux/Solaris/iSeries to it is on Windows. Whilst the support of these platforms has improved marginally over the years, it still lags a long way behind Windows. For example, to start, stop and interact with Domino as a background process on the Unix platforms currently needs a script to be written (or borrowed from a BP in Germany). This is an administration issue for someone like Fred, and in trying to make life easier for Fred, IBM might wish to spend some time on this or other similar issues.
Again, I'm not necessarily arguing that the persona should stipulate multiple platforms, just that stating only Windows is too restrictive.

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Very cool persona, however I think IBM would be better off not specifying the server platform at all.

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