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They also have a link about the new AOL PRO instant messaging product for corporations.

The pressure is on...

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--* Bill

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Mary Beth,

Thank You! <-------Replica 1Thank You! <-------Replica 2

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Thanks->Synchronization or Save ConflictVery->Synchronization or Save ConflictMuch->Synchronization or Save Conflict

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Samantha works in marketing for "Renovations". She is based in Chicago. When she takes Notes offline on her laptop computer she wants to take to take a subset of the Notes data that relates to what is relevant to her in Chicago. Even though Samantha works in Marketing she understands that this involves choosing a selection of the available date and replicating this locally. Hence she understands the concept of selective replication.

Because Samantha is smart she realises that the concept of selective synchronisation is a contradiction in terms and so is grateful to Mary Beth for understanding that replication should remain because it is accurate and consistent.
Bill works in architecture for "Microsoft". He is based in Seattle. He doesn't understand "Selective". He would advocate the term "Assimilation".

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Fred is an IT manager in a large company. He remembers that there was once a Lotus spreadsheet, until MS came out with a real one that was 32 bit.

Fred hates anything new, since new things require him to think and take risks. Fred hates risks. Fred cannot be promoted by risks, but he sure can be fired by them!
The person suggesting that the IT department allow this Lotus thing (NOT Microsoft!) onto their network keeps wittering on about 'replication', but Fred thinks it sounds just like synchronization. So why call it something else? These people just seem to want to be awkward. Fred is puzzled, and worried. Fred hates worry.
Fred starts to find reasons why the company should not allow this unfamiliar, worrying, new thing on their network.

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good descision.

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I really want to say something obnoxious and funny about the fact that we've gone from stuff like "how to redesign the workspace" and "the importance of clearing credentials" to "replication or synchronization?" But I can't come up with anything that doesn't sound insulting, and I very much don't want to insult Mary Beth.

My response to this reminds of "they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels..."

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Thanks, Mary Beth !

It's tough enough to explain the replication process without confusing it with synchronization. Most people assume that synchronization means transferring enough data until all data stores are exact duplicates. That's why I usually start any explanation about Lotus replication with "it's not synchronization."
I agree that it can be a perplexing concept to those outside of Notes world--I just can't think of any simpler than "replication."

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Well I suppose its pointless commenting further since the decision is made.

Replication does exactly what everyone expects when you say 'synchonization'.
Using a different word is unhelpful and unneccesary, it just make Notes 'weird'. I think I'm wasting my breath.

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It's one of those odd facets of language that most users don't understand (or have a hazy idea) of what Replication entails, but if you say "this one is a replica of that one", they instantly get it. Why should the noun form of the word be understood, and yet the verb isn't? Who knows.

But that gives a rather obvious problem it you switch to "Synchronisation": it has no noun form! Unless you're going to start referring to "synchrons" or something, and then you'll find out what "weird" really is.
Final nail in the coffin of "sychronize" is that it's yet another word that you Yanks can't even spell properly!!!
- Mike

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