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Personally I like the idea that the dialog window bar says:

"Gail Chao Recenct Collaborations over [x] [y] - IBM Lotus Notes"
Where [x] is the notes in variable and [y] is the increment that variable sets. So if it's days it'll say
"Gail Chao Recenct Collaborations over 14 days - IBM Lotus Notes"
And of cours if it's weeks it'll say "2 weeks".
Then everyone will know immediately what time interval is in use to determine the collaborations.
Should be simple enough?

2 localhost commented Trackback

I know this is probably too much work but couldn't you default the period to 2 weeks but then rather than have the column label be "Date" set it to "Since 24 Nov 2006" and also provide a date picker so that the user can change the date range being applied.

Hope that makes sense.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hows about providing 2 settings - one controlled by admins which defines the maximum length recent collaborations should be retained for, and one which is defined by the user which defines how many collaborations should be displayed? Maybe a drop down box with something like Today/Yesterday/This week/Last Week and so on, until you hit the limit set by the administrator?

4 localhost commented Trackback

I like Matt's idea or make it default to a number of items to display?


5 localhost commented Trackback

1) Does this only work with Activity Explorer? In that case, it isn't very important.

2) If not, then that nice tab you show there that says "recent collaborations" has about 400 pixels to the right of it where you can put "(last X days)" And yes, I think you should always express it in days.
Charles' point about someone going on vacation is spot on.
3) Where should you put the control to change the number of days? There's a lot of space next to "Close" on the menu bar. Or, you could be REALLY elite and make the "X" in "(last X days)" clickable, with a drop-down box. But I bet you'll get push back on accessibility for that.

6 localhost commented Permalink

I don't like that Recent Collaborations is associated with time, and it's not just because I might go on vacation for two weeks.

If I collaborate with Samantha every day but with Betty only every month, I still want to see 5-10 recent collaborations for each of them without having to fiddle with yet another GUI element like a date picker, drop down, or preference setting.
What I'd like to see most is the 5-10 recent collaborations with a person, regardless of whether that tenth one occurred last week or last year.
And if "Recent" has too much of a temporal connotation, maybe "Latest" would work better?
Finally, you could combine the two ideas: Show all collaborations within the past two weeks, and if there are fewer than 5-10, then show older collaborations until you hit the minimum.

7 localhost commented Permalink

this seems like a really good feature and should definately not be buried in the menu (where users will never find it). personally i'd like it integrated into a received email message is some way, as i'm always trying to track down old emails when i'm reading a new one.

also i believe the timeframe that defines recent should always display on the dialog, otherwise items will disappear from the dialog and users won't know why. the challenge will be getting them to understand what a "collaboration" is.

8 localhost commented Trackback

I second Corey's observation. "Recent" could be time lined or quantitative. So the setting in the config could be:Show last xx days and keep the last yy entries regardless of age. This configuration doesn't need to be accessible in the recent collaborations dialogue directly. The regular Options dialog would do.In the UI I would expect something likeShowing collaboration since [date] (xx days) More>>More would lead to a complete history (kind of an archive similar to the email archive). I think having the history/archive function seems essential to me. A lot of people (including me) can go years back in their email archives. If the collaboration archive doesn't allow that it would be less "trusted" as a source of context. Which of course opens the interesting question: Recent collaboration only "points" to other entries. How to handle if that entries dissapear or move? An archive option []Include Collaboration artefact would be one option.:-) stw

9 localhost commented Permalink

You've provided lots of good ideas...those that we're unable to act on we'll keep in mind. It looks like we'll be able to put the definition of "recent" in the dialog box title (e.g. "since weeks" or Since date.

re: putting in sidebar, yes, we've been discussing with the Cambridge research lab. Great minds think alike :)

10 localhost commented Permalink

Don't change the Date column header; column headers should be clear labels, not pickers. Instead, a modified Matt idea -- put the date picker by the "Recent Collaborations" label...e.g., make it "Collaborations Since _____" <--date picker, defaulting to 2 weeks. Perhaps making the "Collaborations Since" part a pop-up where you can change it to "Most Recent Collaborations" and if you pick that, the date picker goes away and a field for a number shows up (perhaps a drop-down)?

11 localhost commented Trackback

Hmmm... I'm not keen on having both "Show Chat History" and "View Recent Collaborations" on the same menu. First of all, what's the difference between "View" and "Show"? For that matter, is either of those words even necessary? Secondly, isn't "Chat History" part of "Recent Collaborations"? It appears to be the case from the screen shot.

The next thought that came to my mind... why recent "collaborations"? What is a "collaboration"? Is "mail" a subset of collaboration? It appars to be, according to the screen shot, but it's very much debatable, IMHO. Is this really the best word for what's being shown here? Not just for those of us who have made careers in the collaboration biz, but for Samantha. Does Samantha know what a "collaboration" is? Does she really need to? Does her instinctive understanding of a "collaboration" match what is actually shown?
Which brings me to yet another thought... What controls what shows up in this list... not from an age point of view, but from a content point of view? Is there any way to control it, extend it, filter it? If it is extensible (and I hope it is!), how do we know it's limited to "collaborations".
I'd probably prefer "Recent Contacts", except that we're already pretty locked into using "contact" for the person, not for the act of communicating with the person. So that's out. I know that I'd personally prefer "Recent Interactions", but I have a feeling that would be even worse than "Recent Collaborations" for Samantha.
Wouldn't "View Recent History with Gail Chao" be more clear? Or just "Recently with Gail Chao".

12 localhost commented Trackback

Several good ideas here, and a good feature. I hope as some others that is not buried in a menu. Admins should be able to make this available in the sidebar - always relevant to the contact you are in context with (eg preview of mail in the inbox). Making this feature available I suggest you skip "Show Chat history..." Please be consistent on "View" or "Show".

I am not to hung up on the time frame - but rather the 5 or so latest collaborations the users have shared. The time frame for "no recent" should be configurable.
Agree with Richard H Schwartz on the name of the feature. "Recently with Gail" is actually enough.
Next step is of course "Recently with Gail" context sensitive to the Activity that Samantha is working on for the moment.

13 localhost commented Trackback

Rather that committing to a timeframe, I would just list the ten most recent collaborations, and that's that -- this addresses the holiday issue and also negates the need for preferences, date-pickers, etc.

I would then have a button or link to the full "archive" of collaborations if people need to go back further.
Of course, everything *could* be configurable, but as we all know, a balance needs to be struck between that and a function being genuinely useful, IMHO.

14 localhost commented Trackback

I think no matter what criteria is used (e.g. # of sessions, date, etc.) as long as it's configurable and the current settings are displayed, there will be no confusion. The "quantity" simply needs to have some visual indicator that if you click it, you can change it.

As far as quantity is concerned, I think date is more practical. If you use the number of chat sessions, one busy day could blow you out of the water per se.
Vacations can easily be accounted for, just expand the range.
If there are chat log export options, you cover your bases that way.
Lastly, and if you just want to go nuts over this, you can have a reminder in the OOO to check chat settings. But I think that's overkill.

15 localhost commented Trackback

- I would personally prefer to see ALL the collaborations with this user. Why limit it ? I can easily resort or search them.- The next best option for me seems to show recent X entries

But on the other hand this is actually not one of the most important functions for me. So i won't have a problem even if you do it the way you suggested. :-))

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