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Any of them are fine with me; I'm just SO HAPPY that Hannover will support multiple e-mail addresses (and regular addresses) with labels, etc. And being able to specify one set as primary/default is great, too.

I'm hoping for the ability to select one of the alternates somehow (otherwise the extra e-mail addresses, while good for address-book purposes, aren't very useful for e-mail-addressing purposes). E.g., I have 3 addresses for Fred Smith & want his home address for this e-mail; will I be able to select that from the addressing dialog, or an ambiguous-names-style dialog?

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Wow I love the look of those forms - really clean, elegant and refreshing. Of all the screenshots of Hannover I've seen, these are the ones that have really made me think that the new release is going to finally ditch the criticisms we still hear from our users... Excellent.

I personally like the bold and starred option, but if you go with this you will need to ensure it is consistent across the whole of the Hannover environment - personal contacts, directories, preferences, instant contacts lists etc.
Given the recent focus on Outlook 2007 inconsistencies on other IBM blogs, you need to be whiter than white with Hannover...

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Will the configuration of the client such as connection documents, locations, etc. finally be separated from the address book? PLEASE!

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Good to see a new and great looking layout in Hannover.And functionality that maps to other applications, let's not forget that many people live most of the day with the functions of their mobile phones.

I would go for the "bold and star" version for displaying the primary information.
And I agree with Ragnar that a 'clean' address book would be much appreciated.

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The Edit Mode version of the Contact Form is a bit bare bones for my liking. Just a load of fields stuck on a form. Some kind of boxing/segmentation, like you have on the Read Mode versions, would help.

The Read Mode versions look fine.
- Mike

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Is this new design (I really like it a lot) only for the personal address book? How about the Domino Directory? I know quite a lot of companies who have additional address books (for departments, clients, contractors, etc) on the server and those are all based on pubnames.ntf.


7 localhost commented Permalink

I don't understand another user's request for boxing and segmentation on the edit form. It looks like you used whitespace quite effectively to separate the different categories of fields.

Also, it's not clear to me how you choose a primary e-mail address, mailing address, or phone number while in edit mode. My suggestion would be to have empty stars like groups of radio buttons that the user can toggle.

8 localhost commented Trackback

The designs are beautifully elegant. Well done!

I agree with the comment from Corey that the white space and positioning of fields on the input form offers sufficient separation of the different blocks of fields. Adding separation lines would add unneeded clutter. Appearance DOES matter; the cleaner the better, as long as ease of use is not compromised.
How to indicate primary email/phone/etc: The Primary Stars are (IMO) the cleanest. An advantage of this approach is that there can be a mention at the top of the form like "* = Primary". That would allow new users to immediately understand what meaning the symbol conveys.
I am absolutely loving what I'm seeing coming in Hannover!

9 localhost commented Permalink

Improved UI is always a good thing. I thought I saw that Views were going to be changing too, with multiple columns so it doesn't look so "linear"?

Between "Bolding" and the "Star", the "Star" seems better. And although I may understand the "Star" concept might be a genisis from "Favorites", may I suggest that possibly a green checkmark might be an alternative to consider. The checkmark indicates "This is the one to use".
Along with UI improvements, will there actually be functionality improvements. I know you can print labels from a PNAB in a limited fashion (as long as the PNAB is not located on a server which prohibits Executive Administrative Assistants from printing labels for thier bosses); but will you be able to do "Mail Merge" from the PNAB to either emails or forms (to print)? From a PIM functionality standpoint (UI notwithstanding), there really isn't any PIM Functionality in Lotus Notes that I can find.

10 localhost commented Trackback

> several e-mail addressesYAAAYYY!! I nicer way of adding additional emails to the same person will be great. Doing this in a seamless way from your email Inbox is necessary.

Can a users personal contacts be stored in a users mail file where it is backed up each night along with their mail !?

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the design is very simple and clean and would be nice for a separate application. However it seems to be differen from the mail template. (It uses shades of gray and yellow fonts whereas in the mail template you have white background and a lot of blue in it.) Should not these "system" databases be similar ?
As for the primary fields i like the last option "No bold yellow text, but only a star". But you should also try to place the star before the fields label. Maybe it would look even better.

12 localhost commented Permalink

I have to think some about this. I haven't had time to look at this blog all week so this is an off the cuff response.

Colours, stars, bold, etc. Personally if you are going to the lengths of hide and seek on fields, I'd like to see the primary one always at the top. Bold is fine, stars for the artistically inclined are also OK with me.
For the edit layout, I'm with Corey. It's pretty bland and too busy. Personally I'd like to see the business as primary with personal on a second tab. Much like the old versions of organiser.
However if we are talking radical personal contac upgrade, I would like to see the contacts become server side, shareable with colleagues and replicable for mobile users.
Nothing minor I know :-)
Good work though it looks great in read mode.

13 localhost commented Trackback

The one main pet pieve I have about the personal name and address book is that it isn't nicely printable on A4 paper for us in Europe. Since an A4 page is slightly more narrow than the letter format the page is cut of on the right hand side. Please make sure this is solved in Hannover.


14 localhost commented Trackback

Clean, clear and well designed, the best Hannover screens I have seen so far...


15 localhost commented Trackback

I know it's late in the day, but please, please, please, can we move the contacts into the users' mail file?

Or if that's going to cause too many issues, at least allow an option so that the mail client can use contacts in the mail file for addressing/type ahead? It really would simplify client deployments/roaming users etc etc..
Lovely screenshots, BTW.

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