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Havent used notes direct dialup in years and do not know any who does

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I've been wishing the default direct dialup locations would disappear for a while now. They cause confusion for users and are rarely useful. In those instances where a user needs a direct dialup location, they're likely savvy enough to create the location and connection docs themselves (or to have their friendly neighborhood Domino administrator do it for them).

I'm not sure my experience quite confirms the two-location model, though. I may be atypical, but I find that many people use separate Office and Internet (I sometimes relable this to Remote) locations to manage different connectivity models based on where they are WRT the firewall. Direct (or no) connection docs inside, passthru and possibly different IP/DNS addresses outside. I'm afraid that the simple online/offline dichotomy would tend to muddy the waters here, whereas a trio made up of office/offline/internet works well in most places I see. Lots of Domino sites in my experience use encrypted communication on port 1352 without any VPN for external access, since Domino provides all the services they need from the road anyway.
I've never had any user complain that there's an advanced section in their address book that they don't need. I wouldn't go too far out of your way to hide it. Give us an advanced section we can find easily, but please don't make it hard to fine. In fact, the R5 model of hiding the navigator under an icon was more of a pain, as it added complexity to the process of talking a remote user through setting up connections over the phone from a hotel. No matter how thorough we as administrators are in configuring defaults, I don't see this situation disappearing.
With the new location editor, will it be possible to specify a different sametime server for each location? I have lots of locations, often an inside and an outside location for each regular client, and they handle ID switching, manage relevant connections, and identify servers. I'd hate to lose the ability to use SameTime awarenes when I'm on a client visit, or the ability to easily work on multiple different domains from a single installation (just because your test profiles users are all in a simple, single-domain please don't assume your whole client base is). I can see a case that Internet Brower preferences are most often going to be consistent across locations on a single machine, but I don't see IM server as being any less location-specific than mail server or passthru. In fact, sites with separate sametime servers for internal vs. DMZ access tend to point back to a three-location default model for even single-company users.
As for the time dialog, I like changing it to a tab on the location document, or even a GMT +/- field on the basics tab? The same can probably be done for phones.
Enjoy your vacation. We'll be here waiting for you.

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I think that making Office as Online will be confusing for some people that do travel.

Since our Notes servers resolve differently whether you are internal or external to the company, I really need an Office and and Internet location.
I do like Offline for disconnected. That makes sense. But my three would be Office, Internet and Offline.
Because to most end users Online is going to mean that they have a connection, and if I have to have connection documents different depending on whether they are internal or external to the network then on Online connection is not going to work.
I doubt that I'm alone in this.
So I like Office, Internet and Offline. Sounds good to me, whack all the rest.

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Hello Mary Beth,

These changes seem excellent to me. We never ever used Notes direct dialup, and considering a lot of people have broadband at home (and WiFi and the like when travelling) it seems to me that there is no real reason to have any "notes-direct-dialup" entries in the default setup anymore, shades of the 90's ot me ;-)
In fact, for our regular users, we have only a single location and a local mail-replica. We used to have too many helpdesk calls concerning unavailable servers & apps from users forgetting that their location was "disconnected" or "internet".
So I would go for "online" and "offline" and nothing else.

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Online/Offline are fine.
Home/Travel are ok; probably needed for backward compatibility. Perhaps broadband and dialup could be used.
Probably need a button or other vector to copy a Location doc to a new Location doc with a prompt for a new Location name ...
We currently use only Office and Island. Users are always baffeled when explaining Locations. We have to over emphasize that once connected via VPN you are online even though you are at home. Then we delete all other locations.
Still need options at password prompt to specify ID and Location.
No questions here regarding Date/Time options: most folks never change Date/Time.
I like leaving all options in the PerNAB and I like clicking on the word Contacts to directly get to Advanced.

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I would prefer a Internet and Office in stead of on-line.apart from different connection document load of people use the Mail FIle "on Server" when in the Office and "Local" when on the Internet.

So, there should 3 location: Office, Internet and Offline.
My 2 cents...

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I agree that there are a lot of corporate users who need 2 "online" locations, one for the office and one when they're traveling. In my experience, t's unusual to have the same Notes configuration whether you're inside the firewall or outside of it. Even VPN'd users (especially in highly secure organizations) often connect to different addresses and sometimes physically different boxes for both Mail and Sametime. I'm not sure I like the name "Internet" for a location, but would reusing "travel" confuse people? My ideal 3 locations names would be: Office, Travel, and Offline.

Regarding Notes Direct Dialup, any organization that uses it already has support mechanisms in place to deal with the advanced configuration necessary, so I don't think there's a problem with removing those options by default.
Re: Question 2, I would like to see that in a tab in the Edit Location dialog.
re: 3, I don't see anything wrong with leaving the Advanced configuration in the PNAB. Users who shouldn't mess around with Advanced settings don't open them - in fact, the "average" users I've worked with don't use the PNAB for anything but external email addresses. They just ignore the rest of it entirely, which is fine.

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In my experience, office users on a desktop use 1 location, unless it is a shared pc, then each user gets their own location to switch id. On a desktop or Citrix setup, I always delete all location docs except office and then rename the office location to the username. If it is shared, Susan switches to the Susan location and Jeffery switches to the Jeff location.

How many helpdesk calls have you gotten over the years from a desktop end user that accidentally switches to Island and can't figure out why nothing is working? :)
On a laptop, for an end user, these are typically not a shared machine. I set them up with the office location, enable replication and high priority replication, and then replicate everything to local. (remember to include the Domino directory in the local address books preference for maximum usefulness) Mail is set to high priority and replicates every 5 or 10 minutes, and the rest of the DB's every 60 minutes. Add a check to "Replicate when Notes starts". If dns is setup properly, then I modify the connection document to point to the dns name of the Domino server, then voila, it works in the office or out. Otherwise 2 connection docs, 1 with private ip of the Domino server at the office, the other with the public ip that maps to the Domino server. Generally a laptop user will have either broadband or dialup access and this works regardless. The replicator will just keep trying in the background and fail until there is a connection it can use to communicate with the Domino server. Whether it is straight port 1352 over the internet, dialup, vpn, or a combination thereof, it just works.
Laptops generally take me 3 times as long to setup Notes properly as a desktop, but when they are setup this way, much fewer phone calls from frazzled users on the road to the helpdesk, and they have everything they need with them to work online or offline without thinking about it too much. They only have to worry about getting a working network connection. They are instructed to test connections with a web browser first to see if there is indeed connectivity. Lots of hotels force you to open a web browser first to accept their terms before they allow you to send packets over their internet connection anyways.
Another use of locations I see every now and then are for users who have their Notes client sending and receiving mail from pop3/smtp mail servers for other internet accounts they have.
Then there are the designers and admins who have multiple connection docs to switch between servers and user id's to do various things such as switch to a test user account with less ACL priveleges, or support a customer's Domino server.
The one caveat I have with the aforementioned laptop setup is when doing rooms and resource scheduling, if the location document is set to local instead of "on Server" on the mail tab, then it doesn't work.
"You cannot select a Room or Resource. The current location does not have access to a server address book."
This is a frustrating error message, the replicator has no problem contacting the Domino server, and I can go File, Database, Open and it works, why can't this? Setting my mailfile to local in my location prevents rooms and resource booking from accessing the mail-in DB entries in the NAB on the server. I don't get this. I understand the need for resource scheduling to speak with the online NAB in a centralized manner. It should at least try to communicate with my home server's Directory, should it not?
The dialup locations in Notes can go. Simplifying down to 2 or 3 is, IMHO, the way to go.
Three locations seems to be plenty to support most configs, 1. Online (office, most used)2. Offline (disconnected)3. Travel (different connection doc to server)
I like the new preferences dialog BTW.

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I agree with John Roling, above. "Office" and "Internet" are really (still) neccessary for laptop users: different types of locations/connections for onsite and offsite users.

Renaming "Island" to "offline" is a good idea, it mirrors todays' terminology. Wether "Office" should be renamed to "Online" I don't know. Don't think it's a big deal, to be honest.
Remove all "notes direct dialup" location documents, I really haven't seen them in use for years now.

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Hey MB,

1/ Yes, the dialup ones can die. People will be used to getting specific instructions on how to connect to office networks via VPN etc.
2/ Had no idea it existed. Opinionless.
3/ Personal NAB: hiding is not so much the issue as moving contacts into a person's mail file, where they should be. The local NAB is effectively a disposable workstation config file and contacts data should not be there, no other product puts it there, it makes no sense except as a historical curiosity.
Please, please, please move contacts into the mail file by default. People get out of the habit of using Notes for contacts data because they lose it all when they switch/upgrade workstations -- to repeat, this makes NO sense. Moving a personal NAB is a TOTAL PIA because names.nsf is a special file that is always locked while Notes it open. In order to get transportable personal contacts you have to go through a pile of VERY unfriendly, undocumented manipulations. I know for a fact that I am the only person in my company who bothers. This is stupid and unnecessary. PLEEEEASE fix it.

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I recommend Office, Internet, & Offline. Many users have laptops and need different Locations & Connections on the LAN versus outside the firewall, where IP addresses, hostnames, use of local mail replica, etc. change. Laptop usage like this is increasing over time, so I feel we need separate Office & Internet Locations by default.

Not creating Notes Direct Dialups by default is fine. As long as we can still go to Advanced and create new Locations! (BTW the name "Travel" hasn't made sense for some time, since users connect via the Internet while TRAVELling.)
Please don't hide Advanced; that was very annoying in R5. It's labelled Advanced, so what's the problem? Plenty of "simple" interfaces have an advanced option. It's buried enough as it is and won't "get in anyone's way."
I'm not sure why Notes has date/time settings. This is OS-level stuff; get the info from the OS. The less Notes tries to duplicate the operating system, the better, IMHO.
BTW, how about a confirmation when switching Locations? I periodically hear from someone who can't access their server...turns out their Location is Internet or Home or something else weird. I don't know how/why it changed, but if there were a prompt, then hopefully they'd see it and call first (or learn not to click in odd places ;-). THANKS!

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I am baffled that you intend to remove the Internet location document. All my mobile users are using it and it is quite self explanatory because all they need is a working Internet connection and Notes does work. If you can surf the web Notes will work too. Important for me because people often think that Notes uses some magic to connect to a Notes server (although it does not in my configurations). I have not used Dial-Up locations since IBM cancelled integrated ISDN support for the client ( so no problem for letting it go). I am all for Office, Offline and Internet but of course there are companies that do have Internet accessable Domino servers.

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I like the renaming of Island to Offline; that makes more sense. Our users would be fine with just Online and Offline, but the comments made by other people in favor of Office, Internet, Offline sound like the best option overall. Definitely get rid of the default dialup options regardless.

Never used the time/date options or know anybody who has, so might as well remove it to simplify the interface.
I don't think removing the Advanced stuff in the pernab matters. I find that end users tend to ignore it. The new Manage Locations dialog looks easy enough to use; as long as all the settings currently accessibly from those Advanced views is exposed elsewhere, I don't think I'd miss it if it were removed from the nab.

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I second Bob's suggestion of a "Copy" feature, either as a separate button, or as a follow-up to the "New" button.

I think you should have three standard locations, but it's hard to come up with the right words. The three locations are
1. Online2. Starbucks 3. Offline
OK... I'm actually not serious about calling it "Starbucks", but, it's a lot shorter than "Online but outside the firewall", which is the real intent.
BTW: Those numbers were deliberate. I'd also like to suggest that you number the locations so that they sort in a rational order, rather than alphabetical order.

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I normally set up two locations, Office and Internet for notebook users. Desktop users keep the default settings but stick to the Office location.

I haven't used direct dial up for years, I do have one server that still has a modem and is used a select few - not an issue if it was removed though as the same server can be connected to over the internet.
Love the new Prefs layout.

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