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1 localhost commented Trackback

I am a regular Workspace user. I clicked the option once a long time ago and didn't like the results. Add my vote for specific options such as sort by name.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Never used it ... until now. Funny results I must say. If it should arrange everything in the left upper corner it doesn't did it at my workspace. It was the same mess as before just in a different order.Remove it.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Workspace user. I accidentally arranged my icons one time and have never tried to do it again. It's like te Windows desktop, I think. Some people like the canned "arranged" look, and some like to create their own space. I won't miss it if its gone, but I can see where having the option might be nice for othes.

4 localhost commented Trackback

I'm a workspace only user, and I've never used it. (I did know it was there though). I'd much rather see sort by name., sort by created date, and sort by last accessed date.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Never used it, I like to arange icons in my own way :)

6 localhost commented Trackback

Didn't know (or remember) it existed and I'll never use it.

7 localhost commented Trackback

For testing purposes, I change my screen resolution often, so I use that option fairly frequently. I echo Alan's sentiments, but with a caveat: if I could set the chicklets to auto-wrap AND sort them, I'd be quite content.

8 localhost commented Permalink

I do use it, but only a few times a year. It's useful after I delete a bunch of icons for unused/deleted databases.

9 localhost commented Permalink

I do a lot of testing that results in busy, fragmented workspace tabs, so I use it at least once a week.

10 localhost commented Permalink

Never used it, you can remove it

11 localhost commented Trackback

I didn't even know that was there to tell you the truth, and I live in the Workspace. I use more "white spacing" when it comes to chicklet placement, so having them realign with the "Arrange Icons" function would really break my chicklet segregation and grouping.

12 localhost commented Permalink

I use only workspace a lot and have never used it. Why? I group my chicklettes, usually in the order of use. An issue I have is that there are times (four tabs) where I have more chicklettes than I have screen space and I want to move a new icons from the top to the bottom. It takes some finagling. Wouldn't it be nice to have have a zoom in/out on your workspace size?


13 localhost commented Trackback

I use it on occasion, but only for a couple of my workspace pages that tend to get cluttered from time to time. Most of my workspace pages are arranged just the way I want with blank spots here and there for grouping icons and for easy readability.

What I would like to see is a "Find" feature for database icons. I know that you can type a letter and the database icon(s) that begin with that letter will be highlighted on the worksopace page (in sequence if there are more than one). However, I don't find that feature very useful. I would like to be able to type a word or fragment that I'm looking for and have the Find feature look through my entire workspace, highlighting the hits with a find/find next approach.

14 localhost commented Trackback

I do use it maybe once a month especially when I have a workspace that has a lot of icons on it and I am doing house keeping to remove icons.

During the projects we tend to moved the icons around and group them,space them etc for quick navigation. but once we are done with the project it makes it easy to see them all. Secondly once we clean/remove icons from the desktop it makes it easy to bring the rest together.
My take on this is that though its not very commonly used, it is a very useful feature especially when cleaning up the desktop.

15 localhost commented Permalink

I never knew it existed so I never used it. There are a lot of ways that would be more useful to arrange my icons, though. Be sure to post when you want that feedback. :-)

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