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1 localhost commented Permalink

1. a2. a3. local what?

2 localhost commented Trackback

I know there's been some other feedback that says "Prompt me" for item one, but I'm really not so sure. Given that the issue isn't that you're unsubscribing to the feed as a whole. You're just unsubscribing from the OFFLINE portion of it. Which means you still want to see it when you're online.

I can't think of a scenario where Samantha would be thinking "I don't want any NEW content from this feed to be available on my Blackberry, but I still want it on my desktop, and I still want the OLD stuff on my Blackberry."
That doesn't make any sense. So answer a.
What DOES make sense is the idea of subscribing to a feed, getting it in offline mode, then saying "No more new stuff but keep what I've already got." So I would say you need to prompt if the ENTIRE FEED is removed.
Does that make sense?
For item 2, is it your intent to have a different experience if the user is subscribing to an internal co-worker's calendar versus, say, a Google calendar? It sounds like you're saying "you would get the full details from the Google calendar offline, but only partial details for Ida's calendar offline." If you're saying that, then the question is faulty. The user experience has to be identical. (maybe that's a. I'm not entirely sure.)
For question 3, absolutely not. She wouldn't understand it, and she shouldn't be expected to understand it. Creating local replicas is "complicated computer stuff." So if it has to be done, it should be completely transparent to her.

3 localhost commented Permalink

1. a2. a3. I don't think it would ever occur to Samantha to create a local replica to enable this. Perhaps if there was a wizard that performed walked her through it while masking the "techie stuff", it might be acceptable.

4 localhost commented Permalink

1a all or nothing. I think seeing some entries would be confusing. 2a otherwise I can see lots of calls to the help desk 'I ticked the option to view off line but all I see is empty boxes'3 She would have no idea, buts its not relevant. If she has a laptop and may sometimes work offline her admin has pushed this out via policies

5 localhost commented Permalink


With respect to 3, I doubt any admin will want to be in the business of deciding which other mail file replicas any given user needs to have. Yes they can dictate that an owner get a replica of their own mail file, but not which delegated calendars, otherwise an admin is maintaining a desktop settings document per user.

6 localhost commented Permalink

1 a. The checkbox even says so: "view offline"; when you deselect it, you don't want to see them when offline.2 a. Users won't accept anything less. It has to "just work".3: Making a replica of a mail file just to have the calendar entries is way overkill. Same answer: it has to "just work".

7 localhost commented Trackback

1a2a3 - no way, there is no reason to have another application to replicate

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