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1 localhost commented Permalink

All the details are in the forum, so go there and check it out.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Have Renovations Inc. managed to get an office in Europe yet? I'm thinking they still need a printer with A4 sized paper etc... :-)

3 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, Mikkel. Renovations will be setting up an office in Dublin at the Griffiths conference center!

We also tried to set one up in Bremen, Germany, but that fellthrough when my boss was unable to go to DNUG.

4 localhost commented Trackback

It's very difficult!

5 localhost commented Permalink

It would be cool if you or Ed Brill had a post that summarized what end users would notice different about 8.5 (not backend server changes or subtle tweaks behind the scenes).

6 localhost commented Permalink

Ouch -- was looking forward to the "large bookmark icons" in 8.5.... though making them large also makes them VERY pixelated\ugly.

We are in a world of Apple\Vista. Can't have bad icons. Please fix before Gold.

7 localhost commented Permalink

Some icon are very old for Inbox, Sent, Junk, Follow Up...(Already reported in 8.0 beta)- "Move to folder" dialog.- Create folder and use "Copy Style From" dialog.- Default outline

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