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1 localhost commented Permalink

I have noticed intermittent problems in 8.0.1 in general with focus. Often I find that where you think you have focus, you often don't. Two examples to illustrate my point.

First example. I had two databases open. While I was in one database, I selected a couple of documents, and hit Control-C. I then changed to the other opened database by selecting its tab and hit control-V. The documents did not appear as I expected. I hit control-C again, nothing. Thinking I hadn't copied them as expected, I reopened the original database and found that I now had two sets of duplicate documents in this database. Despite having changed windows and redrawing the screen, the focus was still on the database in the background. I found that I had to click on the tab and then click on a document in the second database before focus was established, then I could paste the documents in.
I mentioned that this was intermittent because when I went to demonstrate this to someone the next day, it didn't happen. Same databases, same documents different result.
Second example. While in my mail, I had reason to delete a couple of documents a couple of lines apart. Deleted the first and then hit down arrow enough times to reach the second. The second document was highlighted, so I hit delete. The document before that document was deleted instead. I then noticed that I received a new mail message between the two deletes and the documents on the screen had moved down one as a result. So while the document highlighted appeared to have focus, it was actually the one above it that did. And that's the one the delete key acted upon.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Chris Hudson about some strange focus issues in v8.0.1. I'm just starting to do some testing and haven't nailed things down much, but have just noticed some flakiness when it comes to cutting/pasting documents.

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