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1 localhost commented Trackback

Very nice...I like the decreased visual noise quite a lot. Thanks!

2 localhost commented Trackback

Where have I seen this idea before?

Oh... yeah...

3 localhost commented Trackback

Definitely a change to the better. Most important: fewer icons. Dropping the icons for regular read/unread mail make the other ones stick out better. Making cancellations red is also a very good thing.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Way much better !

5 localhost commented Trackback

I like the new icons a lot. And getting rid of them once a doc is read definitely makes a big difference.

6 localhost commented Trackback

I like the new icons.

But reading
"Results showed that we could greatly improve scanning by making the icons more distinctive from each other"
in your posting, I looked at the Notes client, Domino Designer and Symphony icons in 16x16 pixel size and wondered:What went wrong with these icons? :-)

7 localhost commented Trackback

>load unrelated_post

Ms. Raven, In one of the personas that y'all design/test for, could you please include this attribute: Uses location documents to switch IDs often, and would like all attributes (like sametime, etc) to do this smoothly/correctly.
>tell unrelated_post q

8 localhost commented Permalink

I like the reduction in visual noise as well. It really enables you to quickly scan through and see what has not been read or what is an invite/schedule type of notice.

9 localhost commented Trackback

MB -

My vote is you don't do what Craig asked. We have roaming coming in 8.5, which gives us roaming and multiuser.
Craig is probably talking about being a developer or a consultant, and having ids that change based on role (for code signing) or per client. Roaming and multi-user won't apply to those folks. The issue is that the number of folks that have to change ids regularly is very small. It is a sub fraction of your users. The way to solve this problem is to use virtualization products on the desktop/laptop, like the free VMWare Server, then to have to make Notes perfect at that. With the todo list for the Notes client team, focus on the stuff we can't already fix.

10 localhost commented Trackback

...I'm shocked... just shocked...

Mr. Head doesn't agree with me....

11 localhost commented Permalink

Oh, so now the "prohibited" icon will be red?? Fantastic.

I cannot figure out why it anyday has changed to blue. How can blue mean No/Prohibited/Denied/Reproved??? Who had that idea?
Really glad you changed it back.
Btw, the other ones are good too. Star-only for unread is far more clear than that envelope with the small star.

12 localhost commented Permalink

Please don't forget the text in the bubbles when you hover the mouse over the icon in view or folder. I think that the explanation like "Exclamation point icon" should be replaced by "High importance message". The very similar situation is with the text "Paperclip icon", wouldn't be better the message "This message contains an attachment"? And there are many others....

13 localhost commented Permalink

Lubomir - the hover messages were already done for Notes 8 inbox. Chris

14 localhost commented Permalink

Great improvement.

I do think you bring a lot of problems on yourself though by focusing too much on the aesthetics and 'pastel shades'which are currently en vouge rather than leaving things which were obvious and stood out better, in previous releases.
That said, it does look great and it may be fine as you appear to be losing the fixation for just pale green and pale orange in the icons.
Can we have the red DND icon back in IM please.

15 localhost commented Permalink

Looks much nicer. The end users I've shown this to really like it - happy users means happy me so bring it on.

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