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Way off topic, one of my users wanted me to 'notify' IBM of this website detailing some of the shortcoming of Notes as an email renderer.
For what it's worth...

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Hi Luke,yes, we in IBM are very familiar with the email standards site and their work.We were very disappointed to see that they only tested POP/IMAP mode, because we feel that they would have seen better results had they tested the Domino server.

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Hi Mary-Beth !

This is a very personal post indeed (your test personae certainly wouldn't do this, would they ?).
At least we still share something in common (religion), since my company has now moved to what you seem to compare to the "counter-reformation" (I warned you - and my IBM salesrep too - but this seemed to produce no results ! I still can lit up a candle and pray but I wonder what the outcome will be...!)
Thanks for taking my late post about "gridded bookmarks" into account (to be honest, we still have "a few" applications on our Domino servers - stuck to 7.0.2 version, since our support staff doesn't want to invest in migrating anymore - so I might still test 8.0.1 client, but not for mail, alas !)

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Bah!! Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!:-)

Thanks Mary Beth, for an interesting and personal post. I didn't realise you were a 'smell and bells' lady.
I know that the email battleground between Murkysoft and Lotus always used to be described as a 'religious war', but I wasn't aware quite how true that had become.
See you in Ireland (pure non-sequitur, of course)

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