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Really? Have to have a journal?

I don't have a personal Journal and haven't had for years because the Notes client doesn't create it at install. Then again I don't use Blackberry.
Having said that I was using a Blackberry 2 months ago for a specific task (handed back to get my life back) and I still don't have a journal. But then again I only do contacts in Outlook and only for personal. Work I do with the directory.
If I want to talk to someone outside of the company I invariably use a personal mail system. For the very few occasions that I have to contact someone on company business on the net I just use folders and copy the address from there. Must be a habit from Outlook where if I have sent to someone before it offers the name up on the addressing lines automatically. Hence no need to add to contacts for occasional use.
Hence the comment. Journal first, link after.

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I suppose the whole concept is to somehow answer that user requirement of wanting to write and preserve a note.

I know some people who will write an email and save it as draft as a way of storing a note.The luckier, more technical users can use a journal or doc library for this.
Perhaps scrap journal and have a note-taking facility in the mail file?

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Personally I am heavy user of the journal. I have tons on entries with categorization; so obviously I'm biased toward any improvements.

A few notes:(1) The Personal Journal is a required database for syncing with PDAs like a Palm Pilot (at least with CommonTime's mNotes. The PJ syncs with the "Memo Pad" function.
(2) As far as migrations (from Outlook /Exchange), this is the eqivilent for the "Notes" section in Outlook. Ironically, (Lotus) Notes has no "Notes" section. In my prior life, which was an Exchange shop that I migrated to Domino I was a big user of the Notes section, as were many others. If the part of the marketing message is that we can do everything the other guys can do and better, you need the icon; even if it's not a heavy traffic item.
The Journal / Notes sections are the proverbial junk drawers of groupware in my opinion. It's just place for some misc. crap (that I can't live without).

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"Journal" or "Notes" is an essential part of the personal documents context. As such it should both be part of the database containing all the other personal context - the mail database. Nothing new, they already there - these guys who created the mail database web interface(s) already realized this by putting personal contacts into the mail database. Beginning with inotes5 we also find a memo pad in the web interface. Unfortunately, both of these are not the same physical storage area as the journal or the contacts within the personal addressbook. Conclusion: move the Journal and the Personal Contacts into the mail database. This way, you always have them with you, regardless you use DWA or Notes client. There will never more be a need for these manually triggered "sync contacts" or "sync journal" agents in the mail database. No more need to roam more than the pure client config data. You need to sync your Blackberry/PDA with only one database - the mail db. You can search the whole personal documents with a single search query because it's all in the same database.All these parts of the mail database (incl. Journal/Memopad and pers. contacts should be separately linked from the launcher.

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