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This is really needed. If you have Notes open in the secondary window, the properties dialog and other popups always display in the primary window.

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This is basically a "me too" post so you know there is demand for this.

I also use a dual-display on my laptop. It's great having that extra space to work. It would be really nice if Notes would open tooltips, dialogs, properties boxes, status bar popups, and everything else in the correct screen. :-)

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Excellent news, thank you

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I always use 2 displays ( laptop + external ). For the most part I put Designer on one screen and the client or web site I am designing on the other. But it would be great to fix some of the quirks ( as was mentioned above ).

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Mary Beth and her team really listened to what I can only describe as a 'dumptruck' of requests at Lotusphere. Myself and a coworker talked about usability things ... multiple monitor, ical subscriptions, Tablet PC support, public APIs for things like mail, calendar, address book, tasks, and much more.

While I do not expect to see all of them make the next major release, it was very pleasing to have someone listen. And take notes. And even agree most of the time.
Now, if Jeff has gotten on board, I can only hope for great things on the mulitple monitor front. The team working on this release is an amazing collection of folks ... I can not wait to see what they do. I just want it now :D

6 localhost commented Trackback

I always use a dual-display set-up. This way, you can use Notes Client on one screen, Notes Designer on the other.Most of the time I run a virtual machine (VMWare) with it's own Notes Client. I put the virtual machine on one screen, the Notes Client on my host system on the other. This is a convenient way to test complex workflow applications. I can easily switch between the workflow users within my virtual machine (place on one screen) and test the application. At the same time I can use my designer-id to fix the application or check the application with the designer client.

The dual display approach is very useful for workstations or notebooks when working with lotus notes.
It would be really nice if Notes would open properties etc. on the correct screen.

7 localhost commented Permalink

I only use duals! Since switching to Notes it has been something that has really been and issue for me. I also use remote desktop a lot and it would be really nice if I could you the windows that don't get sent back to the main monitor, mainly my sametime contact list! It would be amazing if you guys could get it into the next release. It would make me and a ton of others VERY happy.

8 localhost commented Permalink

One great thing about multiple monitor would be the ability to have multiple windows. e.g. One window would display the usual inbox and list of documents (sorry messages), and any time you would open a message to read it or compose a new message, this would open a new window, allowing to arrange the windows on multiple screens. Am I getting through ?--Pierre

9 localhost commented Trackback

I have different problems using Lotus Notes on multiple monitors. It works for a while (a day or so) and then the next time I start it, the Lotus Notes screen is scrambled. I see parts of the desktop, can't read my mail etc.

When I disable my secondary screen (reboot needed), then it works again. I can enable my secondary screen again and it still works. For a while...
I'm not fond of the Lotus Notes client at all, it really needs some refactory, especially the GUI. But hey, company policy...

10 localhost commented Trackback

I use dual monitors at work and home and can't live without them. It would be great to see better support in Notes for this.

I've been using Notes since R3.0 and it still took me a number of days to find out how to launch a document in a separate window which I could drag to the second monitor. i.e. the default behaviour is to open all docs within the one main window and tab them. I knew the feature existed, but I couldn't remember where to find it. I finally realised I needed to right click the window tab and ask it to launch in a separate window. Would be good to make this more obvious for the user, especially if Notes could detect when duals are being used.--Lucas

11 localhost commented Permalink

duals are so usefull, to move an application like Notes to the passive monitor, to keep the inbox or help docs in sight while all other applications plaster the main screen.

But please make sure, that all Notes windows come back to main screen, after the notebook restarted being on-the-road without a dual monitor. R7 lets the Help.nsf still launch on the virtual dual screen. (Alt-Tab, ALt-F, cursor to the left, M gives you the moving cursor to shove the window back onto main plate)

12 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, dual screen support is essential. And as Peter indicated, you need to understand where the screens are really located and ensure you are not popping up windows in an offscreen location.

My instant contact list is now offscreen somewhere as a result of having opened it and dragged it to a secondary screen and now it is inaccessible after logically rearranging screens.

13 localhost commented Permalink

I'm running a Notes 8 client and mail file template. However, I'm sitting on a Domino 7.03 server. I use dual monitors and every morning in a Notes 7 client I would open my calendar in a new window and shoot it to my secondary monitor. This way it was open all day and easy to check when people would send me an email to ask my availability for Notes training. In Notes 8 I can't do this. If I set the preference to open every document in a new window, this does not include the calendar. If I open everything in tabs which I prefer, I can't open an email in a new window so my calendar is easily available. Is this because of the 7 server? I am really going nuts without this feature!

Thanks for any information out there. Lynne

14 localhost commented Permalink

Hi,I am desktop engineer at Deutsche bank site.one of our user having problem while loging to lotus notes on dual display drivers.he is using Dell GX620 Desktop machine,with NVIDIA Graphic card.whenever user uses Lotus notes it tooks a lot of time hand hangs.next time we have to reconfigure it again.

Pls telme what solution would be.
Pls contact me at-9833384332or mail to me at-bhaskar.kelkar@db.comThanks and regards.

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