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1 localhost commented Permalink

Reply with History without Attachment as the default. Users want this as well because of the quotas we have to live with. Especially when people just respond "Thanks" and you get the attachment sent back.

The drop downs would be for (1) with History and Attachment (2) without History and (3) with Internet-style.

2 localhost commented Trackback

I agree with the others: Default should be without attachments. I'd prefer "Internet style" to be the default but I fear this opinion isn't very popular. But I'd like to have an option to change this.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Users might find the preference if it were the last item on the Reply drop-down menu, e.g., "Set Default..." or some such option.

(Also, of course, if you default to with history, then make it without attachments!)

4 localhost commented Permalink

Well done on the Reply setting, the Moose and the Flying squirrel :-)


5 localhost commented Permalink

As we talk about user preferences, user customization and specifically Replies (and new memos), could we entertain the concept of a true Permanent Pen (the current can best be described as a Temporary Pen).

I have users who for personal style, ease of reading or just plain "I want" - want to be able to specify that all their emails, replies, meetings, (any writing done inside their mail file) be done in the font, color and pitch of their choosing without having to click the current "Permanent" Pen icon.
Although to me it is just Email, get over it, to them this is a real deficiency in Lotus Notes that it can't understand that "I" want to write emails in "my" font.
There is an enhancement request in for this (among my other enhancement requests). Could this be considered as one of those "little" but important things that some users just see as "once again, Lotus Notes doesn't do UI" (there wording, not mine, although every now and then I have to agree with them).

6 localhost commented Permalink

Please make it reply with history without attachments.

7 localhost commented Permalink

At our company, we ended up changing the mail template so that when users reply, attachments are not included. Users need to select the option "Reply with attachments" if they want to include the files. This was one way to reduce the size of users mail boxes.

Before this template change was made, users were including attachments on everything. Now the size has reduced significantly with the new template change.
If you could make it so admins can set the default for reply, that would be ideal.

8 localhost commented Permalink

Agree with Mark's & Peter's comments, having the default as Reply with History w/o Attachments.

As far as "fractured fairy tales" this version of Little Red Riding Hood was a lot more fun to read to our kids as well: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Newfangled/dp/0689878311/sr=1-1/qid=1161956658/ref=sr_1_1/104-9945415-0607959?ie=UTF8&s=books

9 localhost commented Permalink

Agreed again, please don't set the default to reply with attachments. That would be a disaster.

We don't have mail quotas, but users don't really understand that sending large attachments backwards and forward in a mail thread to the same people time & time again (usually just internally) is a problem at all.
They do know however that if they have to send an attachment on to someone as part of a reply then they need to select a non-default action (as they do now).

10 localhost commented Permalink

Another idea about attachments, would be to have an action to remove all attachments to my documents folder(or wherever, delete duplicates) and leave links in the email.

11 localhost commented Permalink

One more opinion that the default should be "Reply with History without Attachment(s)".

It should also be without squirrel tails.

12 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Mark on this one - if I choose to save and delete the attachments, the complete path of where I saved it should be included in the email instead.I'm with the opinion of defaulting to reply with history without attachments.

13 localhost commented Permalink

Reply without Attachments by default, please.

Yes, I would appreciate it as an administrator, but I don't think it's a problem for end users. I think end users are just hitting Reply with History as the most obvious choice when they want to reply, and they are not consciously intending to return the attachment in their reply. Most of the time they don't care whether the attachment is on the reply or not; when they do care, they can make the extra click to choose the appropriate option.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Chris (and everyone else).

Reply without Attachments by default, please.

15 localhost commented Trackback

This is a big step forward.

Two directly related questions:
(1) One reply button or two?e.g. One reply button like Domino Web Access or two (split) buttons?[Reply \/] [Reply to All \/]
(2) Same functionality for Forward?
And one more broad, but semi-related question that will probably open a can of worms large enough for sale at Costco:
Will we see much more use of split buttons in Notes 8 / Hannover?
For example, when creating a new calendar entry? Follow-up flag? Copy into new?
I'd bet many people have their personal favorites. For example I pretty much only use the "quick" follow-up flag.
And lastly, will all of this wonderful new functionality be contrlable via policy?

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